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Chapter 51

Douglas’s restaurant was located at a new redevelopment zone of Aurous Hill. It was quite a distance from the city and was sparsely populated. Charlie felt a little peculiar as to why Douglas chose to open a restaurant here.

Claire told him that several large manufacturing companies would set up their companies and factories in the redevelopment zone including multinational companies like Foxconn, so the area would prosper and flourish in no time.

In other words, it was quite a wise and clever choice for Douglas to open a restaurant here now.

Douglas’s restaurant, named The Charm, was at the corner of a wide new street. From the exterior, it looked quite big, occupying two floors. The name of the restaurant suggested an artistic conception.

When Charlie drove the car to the door of the restaurant, there was already a row of cars parked near the entrance and several people were standing in front of a golden BMW, smoking and chatting.

Charlie recognized them. They were his classmates from college, but they weren’t close.

Charlie still remembered the guy who seemed to be the head of the group. His name was Clinton Tucker and was a famous rich kid back in college. He had feelings for Claire but she never acknowledged his feelings.

At the moment, Clinton was leaning against the golden BMW and accepting the compliments his friends had been showering him. The guys exclaimed in awe as they admired his car, “Clinton, you are such a champ! How long has it been since we’ve graduated? You’re already able to afford a BMW! I think this is 540, right? The top-spec of the 5 Series?”

Clinton laughed pompously and said, “Haha, this 540 is just, what, seven or eight hundred thousand dollars! I use it for my daily commute, it’s not a big deal.”

“Damn it! 540? This is the most expensive imported car of the 5 Series!”

“Sigh, I can’t even afford the down payment for a BMW 1 Series. Clinton, you are so awesome!”

“Clinton, your ride must be very powerful, right?”

Clinton pasted a smug grin on his face and said, “Nah, it’s just nice, the thrust and acceleration is pretty strong, I can’t find a car that can go as fast as mine on the street so far.”

“It’s so cool! If only I could afford a BMW. My girlfriend always looks down on me, criticizing that I can’t afford a good car. She’s so annoying!”

Suddenly, someone noticed another BMW was coming their way and gasped in surprise. “Wow, another BMW, is this one of our classmates too?”

“Oh, my fucking god! Is that Charlie the loser?!”

“I think the girl who’s sitting in the co-driver’s seat is Claire! What the fuck, the loser drives a fucking BMW! It must be Claire’s car, not his. Damn loser!”

Clinton saw Charlie in the car too and his face was covered with a layer of gloom. “Oh, it’s the bastard! Damn it, he is so lucky!”

Meanwhile, someone asked, “Hey, which series is he driving?”

Charlie drove the car near the crib and reversed into the parking lot. Clinton saw the 520 on the back of the car and smirked contemptuously. “Huh, 520, the lowest model of the 5 series! Only a pretentious loser like him would drive this model!”

The guy next to him nodded and said, “Clinton, your car is the top spec model of the 5 Series while his car is the lowest model of the 5 Series. Your car must be a lot more awesome than his, right?”

Clinton snorted in disdain. “I can buy two of his cars for its price!”

“Clinton, you are the best!”

In the meantime, Charlie had parked the car, Claire and Loreen got off and walked towards the restaurant first.

The guys blinked in surprise and greeted them in a stampede. “Wow, it’s two of our beauties!”

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