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Chapter 231

Charlie opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but he shut his mouth and walked out of the restaurant when he looked at Claire’s enraged face.

How dare the boss of a small company be so brazen in front of him? He had decided to go all out with his luck, hadn’t he?

Claire even had to tiptoe around that bastard! Didn’t she know that her husband was the most powerful of them all?

Right at this moment, he wanted to reveal his true identity to Claire so desperately. He wanted her to know that she didn’t have to worry about their future and that she didn’t need to be bullied and tormented by a lowly boss of a mediocre company.

However, he held back the words that came to his lips.

Exposing his identity would mean that he had officially accepted the Wade family and would return to their embrace.

No, he didn’t want to go back.

Standing outside the restaurant, Charlie looked up toward the second floor, and then retrieved his phone and called Stephen, the Wade family’s butler.

“Check the background and details of the Millenium Enterprise, and also their clients and their recent projects.”

Stephen’s courteous voice resonated from the other end of the line. “Young Master, Millennium Enterprise’s major clients are mostly small businesses under the Wade family. They handled some of the real estate projects from the Emgrand Group this year.”

“Really?” Charlie snorted. It turned out that Peter Murray was nothing but a nobody who ate the scraps off his butt.

Charlie wanted to laugh out loud.

He wondered if Peter knew that he was his ‘daddy’ who basically supported the foundation of his company. How would he feel after insulting him like that?

With this thought lingering in his mind, he said to Stephen, “I want to teach Millenium Enterprise a lesson.”

“How may I help you, Young Master?”

“Hmm. Withdraw all collaborations with the company. I’m sick of it.”

“Oh, did the company piss you off in some way? Do you want me to deal with its boss directly? I can make him disappear into thin air right away!”

Charlie chuckled. “Oh, please. We are a civilized society. There are so many ways other than killing and fighting. How can he feel the pain if you kill him, anyway? No, I want him to go bankrupt and lead a miserable life for the rest of his life.”

“Okay, Young Master. Please give me a few minutes, I’ll get it done.”

For Stephen, making Millenium Enterprise go bankrupt was as simple as squeezing an ant.

Charlie ended the call and looked upstairs again. Claire was still apologizing to Peter while Peter leaned back against the chair like a cocky dog, mumbling something. He was probably cursing him right now.

He sat on the side of the road and waited lazily for his wife to come out.

Charlie, dressed in a normal T-shirt and jeans, looked like an ordinary passerby that no one would bat an eye at. However, an ordinary guy like him could transform the renowned boss in Aurous Hill into a pauper with just one simple phone call.

Claire’s continual bowing and apologizing to Peter slightly smoothed his grimace.

Then, both Claire and Peter exited the restaurant, Peter’s face still flushed and aching from the scalding.

He glared at Charlie who was sitting by the road and said to Claire, “Claire, I’ll forgive that loser husband of yours for your sake today. I would like to invite you to dinner tomorrow night and we’ll discuss the collaboration matter again.”

His indifferent and casual look was simply to impress Claire, but deep inside him, he was burning in rage.

If it wasn’t for Claire apologizing on Charlie’s behalf, he would have called for someone to come and beat the crap out of Charlie!

However, he didn’t intend to let Charlie off the hook so easily. When he finally got a taste of the beautiful Claire tomorrow, he would get someone to destroy him!

Charlie walked over and said to Claire, “Darling, let’s go home. There’s nothing to talk about with this bastard who is about to go bankrupt, let alone collaboration.”

Peter’s expression shifted into a furious grimace, and he said, “Asshole, you do want to die today, don’t you? Did you just say that I’m about to go bankrupt? Believe it or not, I’ll kill you right away! You are still standing in one piece now entirely because of Claire!”

Charlie curled his lips into a smirk and flung his hand across Peter’s face.


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