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Chapter 205

The Moore family was one of the top families in Aurous Hill.

However, the Moore family could not be compared to the Wade family in terms of their status or prestige.

Jasmine did not know about Charlie’s true identity, and in her eyes, Charlie was just a young man who had some skills and abilities in antique trade as well as some knowledge on metaphysics.

When Charlie had called for the Thunder Order and used thunder and lightning to strike Jack to death at the White family mansion, he had indeed scared many people to death. Therefore, everyone regarded him as the master of metaphysics. However, Charlie hid the truth from Jasmine and intentionally told her that everything was just a coincidence. After all, how could an ordinary person like him actually call for thunder and lightning whenever he wanted to.

Hence, Jasmine was also very confused and thought that Charlie was probably just really lucky.

Ever since that day, Jasmine disappeared from Charlie’s world completely.

Charlie initially thought that she had already gone missing, however, he did not expect her to be in trouble.

Charlie asked Albert, “What is the matter? What is wrong with Jasmine?”

Albert quickly replied, “Miss Moore has encountered a lot of bad luck and misfortune lately. I think that something might be wrong with her Feng Shui because she has really been very unlucky…”

After that, Albert continued speaking, “The young lady already tried to seek advice and help from many Feng Shui masters in Aurous Hill, but they could not help her at all. So, I would like to ask for your help. I want to ask if you can pay her a visit so that you can help to solve this predicament that Miss Moore is facing.”

Charlie replied indifferently, “Can you tell me about some of the problems that she has encountered so that I will be able to make a judgment on this matter?”

Albert hurriedly replied, “The young lady has experienced many injuries lately. She has gotten into several small car accidents and even sprained her ankle when she was walking down a hill. Miss Moore also burned her hand when she was drinking a cup of coffee, and she was bitten by her own dog yesterday. Apart from that, the Moore family has also encountered some problems with some of their business partners, and this has impacted her family business greatly.”

Albert then continued explaining, “What saddened the young lady the most was when she lost the precious diamond necklace she had been wearing for more than ten years. That was a relic that her mother gave to her before she passed away. Miss Moore cried for a few days after losing that necklace.”

Charlie chuckled before replying, “It seems as though Jasmine is really facing some bad luck because of bad Feng Shui lately…”

“Exactly!” Albert exclaimed before saying, “Mr. Wade, you are a metaphysics master. I believe that you will definitely have a way to resolve this matter, right?”

At this time, Charlie asked him, “Albert, why are you so concerned and worried about Jasmine? What is your relationship with the Moore family?”

Albert quickly responded, “Let me tell you the truth, Mr. Wade. Miss Moore’s father was my benefactor. The reason why I was able to stand up and support myself in Aurous Hill was that her father helped and supported me. Initially, I really wanted to thank the old man for everything he had done for me. Unfortunately, the old man left this world early. As a result, I have always kept in close contact with Miss Moore’s grandfather and I have always helped them to resolve any matter that is inconvenient for them to handle personally.”

After that, Albert spoke up again. “To put it bluntly, the Moore family is my benefactor, and I am doing everything that I can to repay the favor.”

“Okay,” Charlie replied as he nodded. “I can tell that you are very sincere about helping them. Since Jasmine and I are also friends, I will do her this favor. Why don’t you come and pick me up tomorrow and we will go to her house to take a look together?”

“Okay!” Albert replied excitedly. “Thank you, Mr. Wade. I am really very thankful for your kindness.”


Early the next morning, Don Albert gave Charlie a phone call.

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