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Chapter 999

When Elaine saw that Jacob was so decisive, she replied angrily, “Okay, you can no longer live with me anymore, right? Alright then. We can both be separated for two years first. After that, we can go to court and file for a divorce then.”

After she was done speaking, Elaine snorted before she said, “But Jacob, let me tell you I advance that I am a very narrow-minded person. If I find out that you’re living a better and more comfortable life compared to me after our divorce, then I’ll definitely feel very uncomfortable!”

“You should understand better than anyone else the kind of things that I’ll do when I feel uncomfortable. I’ll definitely make you feel even more uncomfortable than me! That is the only way that my heart can finally be balanced!”

“In other words, if you dare to go out and find a vixen outside and secretly enjoy life with her in the future, then I will definitely destroy your good things! After that, I’ll pester you every day and I’ll also follow you around like a shadow even if I become a ghost! You will never be able to get rid of me!”

When Jacob heard these words, he was suddenly very frightened and spooked out of his mind!

According to Elaine’s words, even if he endured her for another two more years and even if he could finally divorce her and dissolve his marriage with her, she was never going to let him go…

If Elaine found out that he was together with Matilda at that time, then wouldn’t she go crazy?

Elaine was already haunting and pestering him every day even though she did not know that Matilda was back.

If she were to find out about Matilda, or if she were to find out that he was together with Matilda, then wouldn’t she take a knife to hack him to death?

Moreover, Elaine would not only refuse to let him go, but she would also go after Matilda then.

After all, she had always regarded Matilda as her worst enemy for decades.

How could Matilda possibly be her opponent, given Elaine’s personality as the number one vixen in the entire Aurous Hill?

When that time arrived, Elaine would definitely try to hurt Matilda as soon as she was done hurting him. It would definitely be a terrible mess then.

As he thought about this, Jacob was anxious that he was about to cry.

He desperately asked himself in his heart, “Can’t I, Jacob be together with Matilda in this life? Can’t I, Jacob, find and enjoy my own happiness? Will I, Jacob, have to continue living with this kind of bitch for the rest of my life?”

As he thought about this, Jacob really felt like dying.

Elaine had a victorious expression on her face as she said triumphantly, “Let me tell you, Jacob. You will never be able to get rid of me in your lifetime unless I die before you! However, even if I were to die before you, I’ll make sure to drag you along with me! I’ll make sure that you die with me. I will never leave you alone in this world!”

Jacob trembled in anger and he could not stand it anymore. He roared with great indignation, “Elaine, you…you…you stinky bitch! You are worse than a beast! How could there possibly be such a brazen person in this world like you?”

“What?” Elaine raised her brows as she said, “What’s wrong with someone like me? Isn’t someone like me married to you in the end? Didn’t we have children together too? Do you think that I, Elaine, am someone that you can just dump whenever you want to?”

Jacob was so angry with Elaine that he burst out in tears. He choked as he cried, “The one thing that I regret the most in my entire life is marrying you! If I had known that you were such a shrewd woman, I would never have married you and brought you into my family even if you had put a knife against my neck!”

Elaine sneered as she said, “Oh, so what has regretting your decision to marry me got to do with whether I’m a shrewd woman or not? Do you think I don’t know the real reason why an old man like you regrets marrying me?”

“Aren’t you regretting it just because of Matilda? Do you regret not chasing after Matilda and trying harder to restore your relationship with her back then?”

“You’re the one who isn’t content with what you already have and you’re the one with the wandering eyes. Now, you’re saying that you regret it because I’m a shrew? Now that our daughter is also here, why don’t you touch your own conscience and tell me whether you are really this shameless?”

“You…” Jacob felt as though he was about to suffocate.

Elaine had this kind of ability. She could accurately point and find the most hurtful words to launch the most vicious attacks on her opponents under any circumstances that she was in.

Jacob realized at this time that he really was not this shrew’s opponent at all.

As he thought about how gloomy and miserable his life was, and how it seemed like he would not have any bright happy days in the future, he fell to the ground as he started crying like a child.

However, the way that Jacob was crying was completely different to how Elaine would cry when she was throwing a tantrum. Jacob’s tears were so heartbreaking that a listener would also want to weep with him.

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