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Chapter 997

At this moment, Caleb suddenly realized from the expression on Charlie’s face that he has already undergone an earth-shattering change in his life.

He was no longer the pathetic jerk that did not attend school, had no father and mother, and was also despised by everyone around him.

He was now Charlie’s brother and the assistant of the chairman of the Lane Group.

Moreover, he was now drawing an annual salary as high as two million dollars!

If his ex-girlfriend were to find out that he had already gotten such a good job and position, her snobbish mother would probably kneel down in front of him to beg him to reconcile and get back together with her daughter.

However, Charlie was right.

From now on, that family was no longer worthy of someone like him.

This was not because Caleb was very full of himself. However, this was simply because Caleb knew that the reason why he could enjoy this good fortune was entirely because of his childhood brother, Charlie.

He did not only want to thank him, but he also did not want to embarrass him in any way.

At this time, everyone around the table was staring at Charlie as though he was an immortal.

He had donated one million dollars to the orphanage with just one phone call. Moreover, his friend had also donated another one million dollars to the orphanage because of him.

After that, he even called Travis Lane, the richest man in Lancaster!

He managed to get Caleb a new job and position with an annual salary of two million dollars with that phone call.

This kind of energy and power far exceeded the imagination of everyone here!

However, Claire was not surprised at all. She knew that Charlie specifically looked at Feng Shui on behalf of the rich and wealthy people. Therefore, it was not surprising for him to know Travis.

The other kids did not know this. Many of them had already begun to move and they had already picked up their wine glasses as they looked at Charlie.

They were all preparing to give a toast to Charlie in hopes that they would be able to get closer to Charlie. At that time, they would also like to try their luck to see if Charlie could also arrange for a better job for them.

At the moment where everyone has already raised their wine glasses, Claire suddenly received a phone call.

It was a phone call from Elaine, Charlie’s mother-in-law. As soon as she answered the call, Elaine cried out on the other end of the line, “My dear daughter, you have to come home soon. Your father is going to divorce me. I don’t want to live anymore! If you don’t come home now, you can only wait to collect your mother’s dead body then!”

Claire started panicking immediately. She really did not expect trouble to start brewing at home when her mother had just returned home today.

Therefore, she hurriedly said to Charlie who was sitting next to her, “My parents seem to be arguing at home. We should go home soon.”

When Charlie heard this, he nodded immediately. After that, he picked up his wine glass before he said, “Mrs. Lewis and my dear friends, I’m really sorry but something urgent has cropped up at home. Claire and I will have to leave first. We will get together again when we have time in the future!”

Mrs. Lewis hurriedly said, “Both of you should hurry home and deal with your serious matters first. Please don’t be delayed because of us.”

However, those people who were still waiting to gain some sort of benefit from Charlie were very disappointed at this time. Some of them said, “Brother Charlie, I didn’t even have the opportunity to drink with you…why don’t you drink two more glasses before you leave?”

Charlie replied lightly, “I’m not drinking anymore. Maybe next time. I have to leave now because I have some family matters to deal with at home.”

After he was done speaking, Charlie raised the wine glass in his hand before he said seriously, “I’m going to down this glass of wine.”

As soon as his words fell, Charlie finished all of the wine in his wine glass before he held Claire’s hand and left the restaurant.

Since Charlie had been drinking during dinner, Claire was the one driving today.

On the way home, Claire said anxiously, “I think that my dad is tempted because he’s still attracted to Aunt Matilda. That is probably the reason why he wants to divorce my mother. I’m really very worried about this matter. Can you help me to find a way so my father will change his mind?”

Charlie replied, “How can we interfere in this kind of matter? If Dad really no longer has feelings for Mom, then it would only be more torturous and upsetting for us to force both of them to stay together.”

Claire sighed as she asked, “Then, do you mean that it would be better for them to separate because short-term pain is better than long-term pain?

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