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Chapter 989

At this time, on the other end of the line, Juanita suddenly let out a very strange scream. This made Jeff feel as though all the blood in his body was rushing straight down.

This sound was very familiar to him. Wasn’t this the sound that a woman made when she was at her happiest because she was experiencing an orgasm?

William felt very distressed at this time and he said, “My dear, you should stop twisting your body since you’re feeling so much discomfort now. You should stop practicing now. I will feel very distressed if your injury gets worse.”

Juanita groaned unbearably before she hurriedly asked, “William, is there anything else? If there’s nothing else, I’m going to hang up now. I…I’m still practicing and I can’t pause because I am at the most critical moment right now. Otherwise, everything would be in vain if I stopped right now…”

William hurriedly said proudly, “Juanita, I want to tell you a piece of good news! A good friend of mine is helping me to make some money. He can introduce me to a wealth management fund which will be able to generate twenty percent of profits in one week. Do you want to ask your mother if she would be interested to invest in this?”

Juanita blurted out, “William, are you stupid? What’s the current economic situation right now? The annualized income is less than three percent a year and you have a friend who can actually channel a profit of twenty percent for you in just one week? How is that possible?”

William became very anxious when he heard this and he blurted out, “Juanita, my friend is really amazing. He drives a Phaeton! Do you know that the Phaeton is Volkswagen’s most expensive car and it is worth more than two million dollars? Furthermore, he even paid one hundred thousand dollars to buy us a meal today.”

Juanita scolded him contemptuously, “Do you think that I will believe that a person like you can actually know a rich person who can spend one hundred thousand dollars on a meal? Do you think that I’m a child who would believe you?”

William hurriedly said, “Juanita, I’m telling you the truth! Let me tell you, I’ll be able to afford to pay your mother the dowry soon. I’ll be able to make a lot of money soon and you won’t need to continue selling those cigarettes or e-cigarettes to your circle of friends anymore! I’ll definitely treat you well in the future. I’ll support you and make sure that you live a good life.”

When the other party heard this, she said angrily, “What? Why do I feel as though you’re looking down on me? What is wrong with me selling cigarettes and e-cigarettes? I can easily earn about five thousand dollars a month. When I occasionally meet a generous customer and please him well enough, I can easily make more than ten thousand dollars a month! You barely draw a salary of about three thousand dollars a month, yet you’re still bragging about supporting me and giving me a good life?”

William was very emotional as he said, “Juanita, I’m not looking down on you at all. I just feel that it isn’t a solution for you to continue selling smuggled goods in the long term. What am I going to do if you are arrested by the police one day?”

Juanita replied angrily, “Stop cursing me! Get out of here!”

After she was done speaking, Juanita hung up the phone immediately.

William looked at Jeff with an embarrassed look on his face as he blurted out, “I’m sorry but my girlfriend seems a little unconvinced. I don’t think that she believes you but it’s probably because she hasn’t met you yet. If she meets you, she would definitely believe you! Why don’t we make an appointment to meet up tomorrow instead? I’ll bring her out to meet you and you can talk to her personally!”

Jeff waved his hand before he said, “Forget it. Forget it. There is nothing more to talk about if she doesn’t believe me. Anyway, this only proves that she has no fate with the money then. We shouldn’t force things to happen.”

In fact, Jeff knew very well that it would not be easy for him to deal with Juanita simply by listening to William’s conversation with her over the phone.

She could cheat on her boyfriend with another man while answering a phone call from her boyfriend. Moreover, she was even scolding and cursing at her boyfriend like he was an idiot over the phone. Would any ordinary person have such sturdy and fearless gameplay? This proved that this girl was simply very capable!

The words that came out of her mouth alone could already achieve a score of ten!

If he had really met up with her and if she found out that William had given him six hundred and twenty thousand dollars, then she would definitely try her best to get that money back from him.

Therefore, he cleared his throat before he looked at William with an awkward expression on his face as he asked tentatively, “Well, William…how long have you known your girlfriend for?”

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