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Chapter 988

He realized that the interest rates for the loans from these online loan platforms were all very high. Some of the interest rates were simply insane. If he were to take out a loan of seventy thousand dollars from them, then he would have to pay back a hundred and thirty thousand dollars after just one week!

The interest rate was nearly doubled! At this time, William could not help but asked Jeff with a worried expression on his face, “Brother Jeff, the interest rates on these loan platforms are simply too high. It’s almost equivalent to the amount of money that I can make from investing my money with you. If I were to borrow money from them to manage my financial affairs, then wouldn’t I be indirectly helping these online platforms to make money?”

Jeff waved his hand indifferently as he smiled and said, “Don’t worry. These loan platforms that I’ve recommended to you are all operated by my friends. It might seem as though the interest rate is really high but they would be able to waive the interest rate entirely for you as soon as I give them a call.”

After that, Jeff said, “The reason why such a high interest rate is displayed on the loan platform is because they have to ensure that all the users appear the same on the surface. However, the actual operations behind it all is much more complicated than this. If you don’t understand, you can just listen to my arrangements then.”

William had been a pathetic jerk for more than half of his life. He has never seen or encountered much money in his life and he has never seized any opportunity to make much money in his life. Therefore, he could only regard Jeff as his lifesaver now.

He wanted to hold tightly onto Jeff and he did not doubt his words at all.

Under Jeff’s supervision, William took out a loan of almost five hundred thousand dollars from more than a dozen online loan platforms.

He did not even calculate how much interest he would need to repay for this loan.

This was because Jeff told him that he would not need to pay any interest at all for all these loans.

After that, William transferred the money from the loans that he had taken out and from his own savings, which came to a total of six hundred and twenty thousand dollars, over to Jeff.

This person who would usually rather die than be taken advantage of, really did not expect that he had fallen into a trap because of his love of taking advantage of everything.

Jeff was very excited when he received the six hundred and twenty thousand dollars from William.

However, this money was not enough for him to solve his troubles.

This was because he already lost one hundred thousand dollars because of the meal today. Therefore, he still had a shortfall of about five to six hundred thousand dollars.

So, he immediately told William, “Hurry up and give your girlfriend a call now. Tell her that you have been given the financial opportunity to earn a twenty percent profit in one week! Ask her if her mother would be interested to invest some of her money with you.”

William nodded hurriedly before he called his girlfriend.

As soon as the call was connected, William said excitedly, “Juanita, what are you doing?”

His girlfriend, who was on the other end of the line, made a weird humming sound before she said, “I…I…I am at home. Ahh…Why? What’s wrong? Ahh…”

When William heard the strange noises, he felt a little surprised. At this time, he subconsciously asked, “Juanita, what’s that noise over there?”

William’s girlfriend replied, “Oh, my…my back is aching and I feel very uncomfortable because of my backache. I’m training my back and twisting it on bed to feel better…”

As she spoke, Juanita suddenly uttered a soft sound denoting pain and pleasure.

William hurriedly asked with concern, “Juanita, are you okay? If your back is injured, you shouldn’t be twisting or stretching it anymore. It will be very troublesome if your injury gets worse.”

There was a constant creaking sound over the other end of the line and it seemed as though the mattress was constantly being hit.

Jeff was extremely shocked.

He could immediately tell that something was not quite right with the other party’s voice. He knew that there was a ninety-nine percent chance that Juanita was having an affair with another man at this moment!

However, why did it seem as though William did not sense anything at all when he is already being made a cuckold?

Wasn’t he aware of it at all?

Although this person was very greedy and would always want to take advantage of all the small and petty gains, he would not be so lacking in IQ, right?

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