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Chapter 945

Elaine suddenly felt very sad when she heard this!

She had only been gone for the past two days, but everyone in the family seemed to have a different attitude toward her now.

Her husband was ignoring her and had even lost his temper with her. Her son-in-law was also no longer the same son-in-law who was always at the mercy of others. He even dared to get angry at her and asked her to move back to their own house.

Even her good daughter that she could always rely on was no longer standing on her side.

She would never have dreamt that her daughter would actually take Charlie’s side at this time.

She had always been a drama queen. When she saw that she was about to lose power in this house, her eyes flushed red as she started to put on an act.

She choked pitifully as she said, “I am now superfluous in this house. Your father does not care about me anymore. Your husband is threatening to kick me out of this house and you are not even standing on my side anymore…”

As she spoke, Elaine’s mouth twitched as tears flowed down her cheeks.

Claire sighed helplessly before she said, “Mom, you are the one who is in the wrong. I cannot always be taking your side.”

Although she felt sorry for her mother for all the sufferings that she had endured, she felt that this was not a reason for her mother to be yelling at Charlie or hurling any insults at Mrs. Lewis.

Furthermore, Claire knew very well that her husband had always been very pitiful ever since he was a child. He did not have many relatives in this world.

Aside from herself, the only other person that he could refer to as his relative was none other than Mrs. Lewis.

This was also the reason why Charlie was desperately trying to raise money for Mrs. Lewis’s treatment some time ago.

Claire knew that Charlie had always regarded Mrs. Lewis as his own mother.

She had always admired Charlie’s filial piety and grateful behavior. Otherwise, she would not have given him all of her savings so that he could get some treatment for Mrs. Lewis.

In her heart, Claire also personally felt that her mother was a bit too much. Therefore, she naturally could not speak up for her at this time.

Elaine was crying pitifully as tears flowed down her face and she sighed as she said, “I really have a very pitiful life. Do I still have a place in this family?”

Charlie was no longer willing to continue staying here just to watch her put on an act. He did not want to be patient with her anymore. Therefore, he simply walked past her as he told Claire: “My dear wife, I am going to head to the orphanage first. I will not be having dinner at home today.”

Claire hurriedly stood up before she said, “I will come with you. I have not seen Mrs. Lewis for a long time. The last time we visited Mrs. Lewis at the hospital was already a few months ago. I kind of miss her.”

Claire had truly fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of a good wife. She was not only very supportive of Charlie’s decision to get treatment for Mrs. Lewis’s illness, but she also often accompanied him to visit her at the hospital. She took very good care of Mrs. Lewis, just like Charlie did and she was also very respectful toward Mrs. Lewis.

Mrs. Lewis also really liked Claire very much. She treated her like her own daughter-in-law.

When Charlie saw that Claire wanted to visit Mrs. Lewis with him, he nodded in satisfaction before he said, “Okay, we can go together then. Mrs. Lewis also asked me about you the last time she called me. I think that she misses you a lot too.”

Claire said, “Then, we can set off now.”

When Elaine heard that Claire was going to go out with Charlie, she said pitifully, “My good daughter, are you angry at your mother? Are you really going to ignore your mother as well?”

Claire looked at Elaine helplessly before she said, “Mom, I really hope that you can reflect on everything that you have experienced in the past two days and change your personality and attitude. Otherwise, you will definitely suffer more in future.”

When Elaine heard her words, she sat on the ground before she cried out, “What is the point of me staying alive in this world? My only relative, my dear daughter no longer cares about me or supports me anymore. The police should not have released me from the detention center. I should have just died inside…”

In the past, Claire would have already softened her heart and compromised or given in when she sees her mother being such a profligate. However, this time, she understood that her mother would suffer even more in future if she maintained this kind of personality and attitude. Therefore, Claire knew that she should not be condoning her mother’s temper and character anymore.

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