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Chapter 943

A friend named Caleb Morales said in the group chat: [Yes! Mrs. Lewis has finally recovered from such a critical illness. If all of the children that she personally raised and brought up did not come back to see her immediately, she might feel a little disappointed then.]

Jeff replied: [Let’s do this then. Why don’t we find a five-star hotel to treat Mrs. Lewis to a nice welcome dinner then?]

Lisa replied: [Jeff, we do not need to be so extravagant. Mrs. Lewis has always lived such a thrifty life. She will definitely feel a little distressed if we brought her to eat at such an extravagant place. Why don’t we just eat at the small restaurant that has been serving home-cooked food for many years in front of the entrance of the orphanage?]

Charlie could not help but sigh at this time. He was filled with emotions as he thought about the small home-cooked restaurant that had already been operating for more than ten years.

During his eighteenth birthday, Mrs. Lewis used all of the money that she had saved by being frugal all her life before she brought him and a few of his friends to enjoy a nice meal at that restaurant.

She had even bought him a birthday cake that day. After celebrating his birthday, he no longer met the adoption regulations of the orphanage. Therefore, he had to move out into society on his own.

Now when he thought about it, Charlie felt that the meal that he had at the home-cooked restaurant that day was the most tender and heartwarming meal that he had ever eaten in his whole life.

Therefore, he immediately replied: [I really did not expect that restaurant to still be open now! I think that the restaurant suggested by Lisa is great! We can just make an appointment there then!]

Jeff replied: [Charlie, all of us have already been working for so many years and each of us already has some savings of our own. Do you really need to be so stingy toward Mrs. Lewis?]

Charlie replied: [I am not being stingy but I am simply showing some respect toward Mrs. Lewis’s preference. Mrs. Lewis might not necessarily be happy if we brought her out for dinner at a five-star hotel. On the contrary, she might think that we are acting too extravagantly and feel that it is a little too wasteful. She might feel very distressed for a long time.]

Jeff replied: [Cut the crap. Do you think that I do not know you well enough? Aren’t you simply trying to save a few more dollars?]

After that, Jeff sent another voice message to the group chat: “Charlie, I know that you are not doing very well. I know that you are just a live-in son-in-law who does not have much money in your pocket. But no matter what it is, Mrs. Lewis showed such great kindness by raising you and bringing you up. Even if you have to suffer a little, can’t you just chip in to treat her to a good meal?”

Charlie could not help but frown.

Jeff has always been going against him ever since they were in the orphanage. At that time, Jeff was slightly stronger compared to his peers and he would often form gangs in the orphanage to bully the other children.

Charlie had also been targeted by Jeff. However, since he had practiced some fighting skills when he was still living in the Wade family mansion in Eastcliff, most people were not his opponent at all. Therefore, Charlie easily defeated the group of people when Jeff brought them with him to pick a fight with him. At the end of the day, the group of boys was all crying and yelling after they had been defeated.

From then on, Jeff, who was very petty, had always held a grudge against Charlie. He would always disagree with him and go against him in everything.

This guy had always been a troublemaker who had caused a lot of trouble for the orphanage ever since he was a young boy.

There were several times when he had been caught stealing outside. In the end, Mrs. Lewis always had to come forward and apologize and pay the other party to save Jeff.

Although they had not seen each other for so many years, Charlie felt that this guy’s personality was not any better now.

However, Charlie could not be bothered with him. He replied lightly: [Whatever you say. I still think that the restaurant that Lisa has just mentioned is the most appropriate.]

At this time, Lisa hurriedly said: [I think that what Brother Charlie said really makes sense. Mrs. Lewis has always been very thrifty her entire life. I think that she will definitely feel uncomfortable if we invite her to have dinner at a five-star hotel.]

Caleb, their childhood friend also chimed in: [I support this idea too!]

The other people also agreed. After that, Lisa said: [Well, there are ten people who can make it for dinner tonight, and nine of us support the idea of going to the small home-cooked restaurant. We will just follow the majority opinion then! I will go and book a room in the restaurant for tonight now! You all should come here as soon as possible!]

[Okay, okay, okay!] Everyone agreed happily.

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