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Chapter 940

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Don’t worry about this. Although I am not a very promising person, I am not someone that anyone can easily deal with.”

Isaac sighed as he said, “Young Master, you still have to be careful. Do not neglect the Webb family or take them lightly. The Webb family has already offered a cash reward of three hundred million dollars for Cain and Marcus’s life. Countless people are already hunting the father and son down throughout the world. As soon as the father and son expose themselves, they will definitely be hacked to death by countless people.”

Charlie asked curiously, “Does anyone know where the father and son have gone to?”

Isaac replied, “I heard that they already went abroad. However, no one knows which country they went to because they used fake passports when they left.”

Charlie nodded. Although he did not say anything, he knew very well that the reason why the Webb family wanted to hunt down the father and son was actually because of the standup comedy that was uploaded on TikTok.

The Webb family has been trying desperately to delete that video from TikTok. However, they have no way to do that, now that TikTok has already been bought over by Stephen Thompson.

The Webb family has lost a lot of face and reputation because of that video. Since they could not delete the video from the TikTok platform, then the only way that they would be able to regain some of their face was if they killed Cain and his son. They had to let everyone in the world know that the Webb family could never be insulted.

Isaac said, “Young master, if the Webb family is willing to spend three hundred million dollars just to deal with Cain and his son, then they will definitely be more than willing to pay an even higher price just to deal with you. You have to be very careful.”

Charlie replied lightly, “Okay, I got it.”

Isaac replied, “Young master, please let me know if you need any help.”

Charlie hummed before he quietly glanced at his wife who was sitting beside him. After that, he told Isaac, “I am on my way home now. I will talk to you about this later.”


Charlie hung up the phone and Claire asked curiously, “Who called you? Why are you talking about not needing anyone’s help or whether you are someone that could be easily bullied? Is there anyone who is trying to bully you?”

“No.” Charlie smiled before he said, “Wasn’t mom bullied by an MLM organization? I was planning to ask for my friend’s help to see if we can help mom in any way.”

Claire hurriedly replied, “Don’t!”

She said, “To be honest, my mother might seem a little pitiful because she has suffered so much torture and grievances. To be fair, although I am her daughter, I know very well that she brought this upon herself. She takes money too seriously and she is very materialistic and obsessed with money. She is always thinking of taking all sorts of shortcuts to make a windfall. Even if she did not fall for this scheme today, she would still fall for someone else’s ploy another day.”

Charlie nodded in agreement. He really did not expect that even though Claire was a very filial child towards Elaine, she knew exactly what type of person Elaine was.

Moreover, when he said that he was looking for a way to help Elaine to vent her anger, it was just an excuse. When Charlie heard Claire’s reply, he did not continue talking about this topic.

At this time, Charlie was thinking about the Webb family in Southaven.

Since Donald and his son still remembered their previous encounters with him, then they would definitely come back to avenge themselves sooner or later.

However, there was still a problem that was a little beyond his expectations. Donald and his son were both very conceited in doing things their own way. Why did they need to look for people to help them to exact their revenge?

They had even contacted Kenneth Wilson and the other people whom he had offended in the past, just because they wanted to unite a few more enemies to target him and deal with him.

This was a bad sign for Charlie.

The enemy would always be easier to defeat when he was arrogant.

However, it seemed as though his enemy was no longer as arrogant as he was before. Instead, he had become more cunning and even more difficult to deal with.

The Webb family was already a very strong and powerful family on its own. Now that they were inviting others to unite with them to deal with him, this proved that they had made great progress, and he should take them seriously now!

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