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Chapter 934

Jacob panicked as he said, “I am sorry. I am sorry. I have to answer this call first. I will come back and sing later!”

After he was done speaking, he hurriedly picked up his cell phone before he rushed out of the room.

Greyson immediately picked up the microphone that he left behind before he smiled and said, “Come, Matilda. I will sing with you!”

Jacob brought his cell phone out of the room with him before he hurriedly answered the phone call.

As soon as the call was connected, Elaine’s iconic roar sounded over the other end of the line: “Jacob Wilson! Do you want to die? I have already been missing for two days and nights. You did not even call me or send me a single text message at all! You are even in the mood to go out for a gathering?”

When Jacob heard these words, his heart was shaken. His originally passionate heart suddenly became very cold.

His life was over. That stinky old hag was truly back!

God was just too unfair to him. He could only live two good and peaceful days without Elaine! He had only just started to party and sing with Matilda. He did not even have any substantial development with her yet but that stinky old lady was already back?

Wasn’t this simply taking his life away?

Jacob was so depressed that he really felt like dying. At this time, Elaine asked angrily on the other end of the line, “Jacob Wilson, are you a mute? Why are you not answering me?”

Jacob hurriedly explained, “Oh, my wife. Don’t be angry at me and listen to my explanation. I have been looking around for you for the past two days and nights. If you don’t believe me, you can ask our daughter or Charlie about this. To find you, Charlie and I even searched all of the mahjong halls in Aurous Hill!”

Elaine yelled, “Don’t mention all this useless nonsense to me! I just want to know who you are out with right now! Why does it seem like someone is singing in the background? Are you in a karaoke bar? Okay, you unscrupulous good-for-nothing! You are actually in the mood to sing when you don’t even know whether I was dead or alive!”

Jacob quickly explained, “I am just here to meet up with some of my old classmates. They called me and insisted I came here to join the gathering today.”

Elaine gritted her teeth as she cursed, “Let me tell you something, Jacob. I broke my leg and I am heading to the emergency department at Sacred Heart Hospital now. You better drag your ass over here immediately. Otherwise, I will definitely settle this score with you!”

Jacob was shocked when he heard Elaine’s words. He did not dare to say no at this time and he hurriedly replied, “Okay, wife. I will go over there right now!”

After he was done speaking, Jacob hung up the phone before running back into the room. At this time, his sweetheart, Matilda was singing ‘My Intimate Lover’ with Greyson. Jacob could not help but feel a little jealous. However, he had no choice but to tell Matilda, “Matilda, I have to leave first because I have to go and deal with some important matters right now.”

Matilda asked in surprise, “Why are you leaving so soon? Did something happen?”

“Nothing happened,” Jacob replied as he smiled. “I simply received a phone call from home and I have to go back and deal with some family matters!”

Matilda nodded slightly before she asked, “Is there anything urgent? Do you need my help?”

Jacob hurriedly waved his hand before he blurted out, “No, no, it’s fine. I can go back by myself.”

Although Matilda was filled with regrets, she could only nod in a very understanding manner as she said, “Then, remember to call me if you need any help from me!”

“Okay!” Jacob nodded before he turned around and told all of his other classmates, “Everyone, something came up at home and I have to leave first. Please eat, drink and have a lot of fun together.”

At this time, everyone could not help but said, “Jacob, you have just started singing. Why are you leaving so soon? We did not even get the opportunity to hear you sing at all.”

Jacob could only bite the bullet as he said, “There is really something that I have to go home and deal with right now. Next time. We can catch up again next time.”

Greyson was very happy and he said, “Oh, Jacob, did Elaine call you and ask you to go home now? Was she angry because you did not bring her along to the class reunion gathering with you?”

Jacob glared angrily at Greyson before he said, “Greyson, what is wrong with you? Why do you have to interfere in everything?”

After he was done speaking, Jacob glanced at Matilda before he left the room reluctantly.

As soon as he got out of the room, Jacob stomped his feet in anger.

What was happening? Why was Elaine back so soon? Why couldn’t she be just like Hannah?

Just look at Hannah. There has not been any news on her at all ever since she disappeared. It seemed as though she had just evaporated without leaving a trace behind at all. It would have been great if Elaine could just learn from her.

Jacob rushed out of the Glorious Club before he hurriedly drove his BMW to Sacred Heart Hospital.

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