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Chapter 932

The cab driver hurriedly drove toward Sacred Heart Hospital.

Charlie who was sitting in the co-driver seat said to Elaine, “Mom, I have already called Claire. She is already rushing to Sacred Heart Hospital now. We will get the doctor to check out your leg as soon as possible.”

Elaine snorted bitterly before she turned her head around to look out of the window angrily. After that, she said enigmatically, “It is really unlucky for me to have a useless son-in-law like you who is always causing me all sorts of trouble!”

Charlie deliberately asked, “Mom, what do you mean by your words? When did I cause you any trouble again?”

Elaine glared at him through the rearview mirror before she said coldly, “Don’t ask me anything! Think for yourself! I will not say anything even if you ask me!”

Elaine has already been warned by the police officers many times and she did not dare to lose her temper at Charlie directly. Therefore, she could only get angry at Charlie using this kind of obscure method.

Charlie naturally knew what his ridiculous mother-in-law was thinking about. Therefore, he deliberately replied, “I am sorry mom but I really cannot think of what kind of trouble I could have possibly caused you.”

Elaine was so angry that she felt that her chest was about to explode. The words that she wanted to use to curse and scold Charlie reached her lips several times but she could only endure it as she kept it inside her heart.

In order not to think about her hatred and resentment for Charlie, Elaine decided to change the topic to talk about Jacob instead. At this time, she suddenly asked, “Who did your father-in-law go out to meet today? When did he go out?”

Charlie replied, “He went out in the morning but I do not know who he is meeting up with because I did not ask him all the details.”

Charlie knew very well that if his mother-in-law found out that his father-in-law had gone to the class reunion gathering with his first love and their old classmates, she would definitely be very angry and she might even want to smash and destroy this cab directly.

Therefore, he simply pretended to be stupid so that she could just ask the old man this question directly when the time comes. He did not want to wade in the muddy water between them.

Elaine was very angry and she started cursing, “Didn’t they just have a class reunion not too long ago? Why are they having another gathering again so soon? It seems as though he is really enjoying life while I was locked up in the detention center for the past two days!”

After she was done speaking, Elaine immediately took out her cell phone to call Jacob.

At this time, Jacob was having a lot of fun with Matilda and his old classmates at the Glorious Club.

Jacob was in a very good mood because none of his old classmates, including Greyson, dared to mock him at all.

This was due to the fact that Oscar was serving Jacob and his old classmates personally because he was giving face to Charlie. This was a really rare situation in Aurous Hill.

Therefore, Jacob’s old classmates could not help but be filled with admiration for Jacob.

Everyone enjoyed a very hearty lunch at the Glorious Club. Since everyone was so excited, Matilda decided to book a room in the Glorious Club so that everyone could start singing and enjoy themselves even further.

The karaoke environment in the Glorious Club could be considered the best in the whole of Aurous Hill. Although about a dozen classmates were inside the room, it was not crowded at all. On the contrary, there was still a lot of space. Furthermore, the decoration inside the room was naturally very luxurious and all of their facilities were very advanced and comfortable.

The only bad point was that there were too many people at the gathering. Everyone picked many different songs to sing. Therefore, it might take quite some time before it is a person’s turn to sing.

Jacob specifically clicked on a song called, ‘My Intimate Love’ and waited for more than half an hour for his song. After that, he picked up the microphone before he handed another microphone over to Matilda as he said, “Matilda, let’s sing this song together.”

‘My Intimate Lover’ was originally a love song that was performed as a duet and this song was very famous amongst the older generation.

Furthermore, the two singers who sang this song were also a couple in real life. Therefore, they added even more sweetness to the song.

When their old classmates saw Jacob picking this song and specifically inviting Matilda to sing together with him, they started to tease him immediately.

Someone said, “Oh, Jacob! You deliberately chose this song and you even invited our beautiful Matilda to sing this song together with you. What is your intention in doing so?”

Someone replied, “Hey! Don’t you understand his intentions? Isn’t it an open secret that everyone already knows?”

Someone else said, “Oh, Jacob and Matilda should have been a couple anyway. They have not seen each other for more than twenty years now. Therefore, it is only right for the both of them to sing this love song together!”

Jacob was overwhelmed with joy when he heard those words.

At this time, he had no idea that his nightmare was about to begin!

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