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Chapter 925

The prison guard’s words stunned everyone in the cell!

Lady Wilson and Wendy could not believe their ears!


Didn’t they say that Elaine was guilty of fraud?

Didn’t they say that she would be locked up in this detention center for at least ten years, twenty years, or even longer than this?

Why were they letting her go now?

If Elaine was released now, how could they possibly be able to live in the villa at Thompson First when they are released from the detention center in ten days?

Lady Wilson was panicking at this time!

At this moment, Elaine, who was already half-dead, suddenly jumped out of bed in excitement when she heard the prison guard’s words!

She could not feel the pain she felt when she got beaten up earlier! Elaine felt as though she had been given a brand new life after she heard this sentence.

Thank god! She could finally leave this detention center now!

Elaine danced and cheered excitedly, “Hahaha! This is great! I am going to be released from this detention center now. Hahaha! This is simply too amazing. This is fantastic! I am going out to live in my villa at Thompson First now!”

After she was done speaking, Elaine looked at Lady Wilson before she started cursing, “Hahaha! You vicious old lady. I bet you never would have dreamt that I would be released from this detention center before you. Hahaha!”

“The same goes for you too, Wendy. The both of you can continue enjoying your time in the detention center! Cherish the days that you have left in here. After the both of you are released from this place, you will not even have a place to live or a roof over your heads anymore! Both of you are going to be living out on the streets!”

“I can’t believe that both of you were actually thinking of living in my villa at Thompson First! Dream on! After both of you are released, you should go and check out your own ancestral grave and see which one of your ancestors is actually worthy enough to live in my villa at Thompson First! Not to even mention two paupers like the both of you!”

Lady Wilson was trembling in anger. At this time, she really wanted Elaine to die.

She really regretted not encouraging Gena to beat Elaine to death before this.

Now, this shrewd woman was about to be released right in front of her eyes! There was no poetic justice!

Wendy scolded angrily, “You bitch! Don’t be happy too early. Perhaps the court is about to sentence you and you will be sentenced to life imprisonment after you are tried in court! You will not even be able to step out of prison in your lifetime then!”

Elaine cursed and yelled, “Fuck you! All of my grievances have already been cleared. I am about to be released from this detention center and I am going to gain back my freedom now! The few of you homeless vagrants should hurry up and pray for more blessings for yourselves now!”

After she was done speaking, Elaine glared at Gena before gritting her teeth and cursing, “Gena, you ugly fat pig from the countryside! Who gave you the guts to hit me and force me to kneel and lick the porridge off the ground? Just wait! When you are released from this detention center, I will find someone to come and beat you up and kill you! You bitch! Aren’t you very filial toward your mother? Wait! After I get out of this place, I will find out where your mother is buried. After that, I will open up your mother’s graves and throw all of her ashes away!”

Gena was trembling with anger at this time. She honestly wanted to kill Elaine on the spot.

As she was about to attack Elaine, the prison guard suddenly asked, “Elaine, do you want to leave or not?”

Elaine hurriedly replied, “Yes, I am leaving. I will come with you now. I do not want to stay here for another minute longer.”

The prison guard said, “Then hurry up and come with me to pack up your belongings.”

Since the prison guard was there, the other inmates could not raise their hands to hit Elaine even if they really wanted to. They could only glare angrily at her as they held back their anger.

Gena was filled with more anger and hatred toward Elaine at this time. This was because she despised and hated anyone who dared to speak ill of her mother. Elaine actually dared to say that she was going to throw her mother’s ashes away! That was a crime worthy of death!

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