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Chapter 920

Lady Wilson snorted coldly. “What did you do wrong, you ask me? Listen, you are wrong as long as you are alive and breathing! Your only choice is to die and not waste the oxygen in this world!”

Sharp pain from Elaine’s ear made her shiver in fear. She felt like her ear was about to be pulled off, but she didn’t dare to show the slightest intention of disobedience. She could only swallow the bitterness and endure the pain and suffering with all her might.

‘Just a while longer, just a while longer and I’ll be out of this hell hole!’

‘After I get out, this useless old fart will also be released in a couple more days. Until then, she will have no place to stay, no food to eat, and she will probably die on the street! By then, I’ll get my revenge!’

Did the old fart really think that she would be held up for ten odd years? She even dreamed of going to stay at the Thompson First villa with that stupid letter! What a joke!

The old fart must have never imagined that not only would she not be locked up for ten odd years, but she would be released soon!

She could not wait for the day the prison guards cared to let her go. The old lady would be dumbfounded and depressed, and she might be very frustrated too!

She would probably die right here!

Indeed, Lady Wilson did not expect that Elaine would be released. She only thought that Elaine might stay in jail for the rest of her life.

That was why she had kept Elaine’s letter by her side like a prized treasure because she could claim her place at the Thompson First villa when she was released ten odd days later.

Oh god, the Thompson First villa, her dream house!

This time, after staying in the villa, she would not go anywhere, she would stay in the villa until the day she died!

She was quite superstitious and conservative. She thought that only by dying in a luxurious mansion could she be reincarnated to a wealthier family in the next life and enjoy a lifetime of prosperity.

At this moment, the prison guards walked to their cell.

Lady Wilson reluctantly let go of Elaine’s ear. Because she was pinching her ear with all her strength, Elaine’s ear was so red and swollen and there was even some tearing and bleeding at the earlobe.

Tears flooded Elaine’s eyes and drenched her cheeks due to the agony, but she almost went berserk with excitement when she saw the prison guards.

They were here! They were finally here to let her go!

She was finally going to be free again!

She could finally return to the big mansion, filled her belly with delicious food, and slept peacefully!

For the past two days, she had not eaten anything except licked two mouthfuls of porridge off the floor. She did not sleep well and she even had a fever. It was simply too sorrowful. She could not wait to leave here as soon as possible!

The guard strode to the cell, opened the door, and shouted, “Yard time! Everyone, line up!”

“Yard time?!”

Elaine felt as if her thumping heart had dropped to below zero instantly.

Were the guards really here to take them out for yard time? Were they not here to release her? Could it be that they had not figured out the news about releasing her?

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