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Chapter 913

Paul was very curious about Charlie. Initially, he thought that Charlie was a member of the Wade family in Eastcliff. Although his assumption was later rebutted, a new doubt arose inside Paul’s mind upon the mention of the title ‘Master Wade’.

It was also Paul’s objective in inviting Charlie to come over and check out the Feng Shui layout here.

Indeed, he had a master to check and arrange the Feng Shui layout in his office. If Charlie could not tell the existence of these layouts when he was here, it proved that he did not have what it took to be called Master Wade.

But if Charlie could clearly see the layout, it meant that he was extraordinary.

Unexpectedly, Charlie could see all the Feng Shui layouts at a glance. These layouts had been reviewed and studied by the previous master for a long time before deciding their arrangements, yet it only took Charlie one glimpse to see them all.

Charlie was not annoyed by Paul’s skepticism. On the contrary, he admired Paul’s blunt honesty and forthrightness. It was a very rare quality in a person in today’s society.

So, he said to Paul, “It’s normal for you to be curious about my ability and want to be certain of it. But since I’m here already, it is also common for me to charge you a fee for the Feng Shui job.”

In fact, Charlie had not planned to ask for the fee before he came for the sake of his father-in-law, but since Paul was so frank and direct, he should offer him the same treatment.

Paul quickly reached in his pocket and said, “Oh, of course! How can I get your service for free!” He retrieved a checkbook, wrote something on it, tore it off, and handed it to Charlie. “Here, Charlie, this is a one million dollar check, my little token of appreciation. Please accept it.”

Charlie smiled as he accepted the check. “Thank you for your generosity.”

Then, he took another look around and said, “Well, you did get a master to look around, but unfortunately, the master inevitably missed something. For example, the Feng Shui layout for fortune and wealth at the entrance is an excellent layout to be installed there, but he didn’t arrange the corresponding layout behind it which is kind of a failure.”

Paul hurriedly asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“In Feng Shui, there is a saying that goes ‘the propitious omen and fortune come from the east.’ Your entrance faces east, so it is absolutely perfect to set up the Feng Shui layout for fortune at your entrance, which means that the money comes in from your entrance and into your pocket. It is a good start. However, you have to keep the money in.”

Charlie pointed to the back of the office and said, “Look at this side of your office, it is full of transparent floor-to-ceiling glass windows. It means null in Feng Shui, which can also be explained as coming in from the entrance and going straight out from the back. Do you know what this is called?”

Paul said nervously, “Please advise!”

Charlie smiled. “It means a wild goose chase, like you are trying to fetch water with a bamboo basket. Why? Although you can fill water into the bamboo basket, the gap in the basket is too big to retain water. If you can’t keep the money in, it is very likely that you will have great expenses that would require you to spend all the money. In the end, you will have nothing.”

Paul gaped in shock. “What should I do then?”

“First of all, all of those windows and glasses must be tinted. As I’ve said earlier, transparent glasses and windows mean null in Feng Shui, so if they have some color on it, even if it is just a light brown or opaque color, it is equivalent to transforming those transparent glasses into walls.”

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