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Chapter 912

A founder often used their last name as the name of the company they founded.

For example, the famous Boeing Company, the aerospace group that produced passenger aircrafts, military aircrafts, and space shuttles, was named after its founder, William Edward Boeing.

Another example was Conrad Hilton, who founded the world-renowned Hilton Group, an American multinational hospitality company that managed and franchised a broad portfolio of hotels and resorts. The Hilton family was one of the prominent families in America.

Paul’s full name was Paul Smith, Paul being his first name and Smith his last.

His father had named their law firm ‘Smith Group Corporate Law’ after his family name since he founded the company and it gained an enormous resounding reputation internationally after many years of hard work.

When Paul decided to shift his company to Aurous Hill, he chose the best central business district in the city and the most prosperous office building in the area, Gemdale Plaza.

The fifty-eight floor Gemdale Plaza was the best five-star skyscraper in Aurous Hill. Its tenants included the top enterprises and companies in Aurous Hill, the country, and even the world.

Smith Group paid great attention to their appearance due to their status and their clients that consisted of Fortune 500 companies, which was why they were willing to spend a hefty amount of money for the location of their company.

It was worth mentioning that Emgrand Group, which the Wade family had bought for Charlie, was the largest group company in Aurous Hill and their main business core was real estate.

Emgrand Group owned a number of high-end office buildings in Aurous Hill that were under their direct management, which included Gemdale Plaza.

Charlie was a little bewildered when he heard that Paul had chosen the Gemdale Plaza as his law firm’s new office. He had not expected Paul to choose his property by such a coincidence.

After a second thought, he figured it was a wise and smart choice as the Gemdale Plaza was the best office building in Aurous Hill which could provide a sufficient facade for a prominent law firm like his.

Charlie took a taxi to Gemdale Plaza after lunch at home.

Paul’s law firm was on the twenty-seventh floor. Paul was already waiting for him at the elevator entrance when his elevator arrived at the floor.

“Hi Charlie, thank you for visiting me, I really appreciate it,” Paul greeted politely as soon as he saw Charlie at the elevator.

Charlie smiled. “You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure actually.”

Paul invited Charlie into his office and said, “Charlie, I rented this place and began the renovation as soon as the rental agreement was signed. The renovation is about to finish now, could you please see how the overall Feng Shui in the office is? Is there anything unmatched to the vibe and how can I modify it if there is?”

Charlie looked around briefly and realized that Paul had paid careful details into the Feng Shui layout of his company. He said in an impressed tone, “Paul, you must have had a Feng Shui master checking the Feng Shui layout here, am I right? See, you have set up the Feng Shui layout that can attract fortune and wealth by the entrance. Besides, there is a Feng Shui layout that is to prevent collateral and catastrophe. This is very important for a legal firm like yours to avoid disputes to the greatest extent. The overall layout is very good.”

Paul gaped in amazement. “Wow, Charlie, you really have unique and professional eyes. You can see the Feng Shui arrangement here at a glance.”

Charlie said flatly, “Please hold your compliments. Your mother and my father-in-law have been friends for so many years, it’s my honor that I can help out. However, I’m curious. Why have you invited me over since you’ve already found a master to set up the Feng Shui for you?”

Paul uttered truthfully, “Honestly speaking, my intention of inviting you here today was to see if you have a real talent in this area. It seems that I’m being rude and offensive, please forgive me!”

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