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Chapter 910

Paul turned to the table and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy your reunion. I’ll see myself out, please excuse me.”

Then, he intentionally turned to Jacob and said, “Goodbye, Uncle Wilson.”

Jacob glanced at Paul like he was looking at his own son and said in a kind and fatherly manner, “Okay, go right on with your business!”

Oscar was rather astonished to see Jacob. “Oh, you are Mr. Wilson, Master Wade’s father-in-law, aren’t you?”

Jacob was surprised that the well-known Oscar, the butler of the Moore family, would know him personally, so he asked with a shocked expression, “How…how do you know me?”

“With all due respect, Mr. Wilson, Master Wade is the life savior of the Moore family and everyone in the family is very grateful to his help! You are his father-in-law, how can I not know you?”

Jacob gaped in realization!

So Oscar knew him purely because of Charlie, his son-in-law…

He realized that Charlie was getting more and more ambitious in his scam. He had thought that he was good enough to be able to fool Don Albert and Zeke White, but he did not know that Charlie had actually fooled the Moore family, the most powerful family in Aurous Hill!

Paul, who was listening to their exchange, was shocked too. He knew that the Master Wade Oscar was talking about was Charlie, but he didn’t know Charlie to be so amazing. Even the honorable butler of the Moore family would address Charlie as Master Wade in such a respectful manner.

Moreover, Oscar said that Charlie was the family’s life savior. Was he referring to the Feng Shui job that Charlie had done for them?

Paul felt that the mysterious vibe surrounding Charlie was getting thicker and thicker. He figured that he could take a closer look at Charlie’s abilities and learn some in-depth information about him when he came to his company for Feng Shui observation later.

Oscar said graciously, “Mr. Wilson, I didn’t know that you would be here today. In that case, I will personally serve you. Please let me know directly if you have any needs.”

The other people on the table were dumbfounded. Many of them were locals and they knew how powerful the Moore family was, so no one had expected Jacob to have such an influence that Oscar would treat him so kindly.

Greyson was also bewildered!

He couldn’t understand it! Why did Oscar, who was dismissive of him, was so polite to Jacob?

He had inquired about Jacob lately—he was nothing more than a disgrace now. The Wilson family was on the verge of bankruptcy, Jacob himself did not have any money on him, and he was simply an old, pathetic loser.

So why did Oscar have to treat him so respectfully? Was it mainly because of his son-in-law, whom he referred to as Master Wade?!

Greyson was suddenly curious about Jacob’s son-in-law, so he nudged his friend next to him and asked in a low voice, “Hey, who is Jacob’s son-in-law and what do you know about him?”

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