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Chapter 906

Greyson had been waiting for Matilda since he arrived at the club. His eyes were glued on her now that she was here.

He was shocked to see that Matilda was still as beautiful, flawless, and charming at the age of 50! He was even more certain that he would put all effort into pursuing her!

However, never did he expect that the beautiful Matilda, who he had been missing for the past two decades, would walk in with Jacob, the scumbag who broke her heart.

He was agitated by their appearance together and stood up angrily. “Jacob Wilson! How dare you come here with Matilda?! You may not remember what you did to Matilda, but we all do! If not for you, scumbag, she wouldn’t have flown to the US and lived there for so many years! You should be ashamed of yourself! If I were you, I wouldn’t have the courage to come at all!”

Jacob was infuriated by his insult that he growled, “Hey, Greyson Tate, watch your tongue! People with common sense would know what happened back then, I’m innocent!”

After huffing, he continued, “Do you think I lived happily ever after for the past two decades? No! I am regretful for what happened and felt sorry for her every minute that I live!”

Greyson said firmly, “Good that you regret it! So, it’s better for you to just leave. You shouldn’t even attend this reunion.”

Matilda marched forward and tried to ease the mood. “Please, guys, stop bringing up the past already. We aren’t so young as to be so gossipy and nosy, what’s there to say to a bunch of people in their fifties?”

She looked around and said, “I’ve personally invited all of you today, so I hope there won’t be any disputes among you all.”

Jacob smirked triumphantly and said, “Hey, Greyson, do you hear that? Who do you think you are to kick me out of here?”

Then, he slapped his forehead and said, “Oh, right, I forgot to tell you, I didn’t just come here with Matilda. I picked her up from the hotel she’s staying early this morning, then brought her to our university to stroll around, reminiscing our youthful memories there, before coming here to meet you. Why? Do you have a problem with that?”

Greyson was extremely frustrated by Jacob’s mockery.

After all, unlike Jacob, he had always had unrequited love for Matilda, while Matilda and Jacob had been a couple with years of relationship. In fact, back in those days, they were even crowned as a match made in heaven that had been the subject of jealousy and admiration in college.

They shared a lot of memories together that made it even ambiguous when Jacob said that they went back to school to reminisce about their past.

When Greyson was gritting his teeth in dismay, the young and handsome Paul walked into the suite and said with a smile, “Mom, I’ve talked to Uncle Oscar, the Moore family’s butler. He has everything under control for your reunion today, so don’t worry, sit back and enjoy the gathering.”

Everyone gaped in surprise when they saw Paul. A woman blurted, “Hey, Matilda, is this your son? How handsome!”

Matilda nodded and said, “Come, let me introduce you to my son. His name is Paul Smith.”

Someone else exclaimed, “Oh, Matilda, your son is biracial. Is he the son you had with your american husband?”

Matilda laughed out loud. “Of course! Who else could I have had a son with?”

Laughter resonated across the suite.

Then, Greyson asked, “By the way, does Paul have a middle name?”

Matilda nodded with a smile and said, “Yes, sure.”

Everyone asked curiously, “What is it?”

Paul smiled politely and began, “My middle name is Ja…”

Before he could finish, Matilda quickly interjected, “It’s our reunion today, not my son’s. I don’t think he’ll be interested in our conversation, let him leave first!”

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