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Chapter 901

Jacob had deliberately mentioned the forest because he wanted to see Matilda’s blushing face.

Even if she was a very calm and composed person, she would still be embarrassed when she recalled their presumptuous youth and the sweet and ambiguous past that the both of them shared.

Jacob felt that he would have to make Matilda think more about the past. If he constantly reminded her of the past that made her heart feel a little turbulent, then he would definitely be able to evoke the fire in her heart that has already been waiting for more than twenty years for him.

Matilda naturally understood Jacob’s intention. Therefore, she quickly changed the topic out of embarrassment. At this time, she blurted out, “By the way, how is our former head teacher doing?”

Jacob replied, “He is doing pretty well but it isn’t convenient for him to move around on his legs now. During our last class reunion, we had specially invited him back to our alma mater just so that he could give us a lecture in the classroom!”

“Really?” Matilda sighed as she said, “It’s really a pity that I couldn’t make it to the last class reunion!”

Jacob smiled before he said, “It was just a very small gathering that day. We had only met up with some of the old classmates who were still in Aurous Hill or staying near Aurous Hill. Moreover, only the male classmates met up that day!”

Matilda nodded slightly before he said, “It seems as though a lot of our old classmates will be attending the class reunion today. I’ve also contacted several girls who had a very good relationship with me back then and they’re all willing to come for the class reunion.”

“That’s good!” Jacob smiled as she said, “Then we’ll all be able to get together and catch up then!”

Matilda said, “I heard that Aaron is now in custody and he is awaiting prosecution because of corruption some time ago?”

“Yes.” Jacob could not help but feel a little angry when he thought about how Aaron had brought his son-in-law with him to the class reunion the last time just to prove that he was doing better than Jacob.

That old bastard had really slandered him in front of his old classmates at that time.

Now that Aaron was already locked up in prison, Jacob could not help but feel extremely happy.

Jacob laughed before he said, “Aaron really deserves it. We should all be working hard to do well in our lives instead of constantly thinking of how we should take advantage of our positions in office to facilitate corruption and fraud. How could he have done that? Our teacher had already taught us that we shouldn’t be chasing after wealth and riches, but instead we should focus on becoming righteous people instead!”

Matilda nodded in agreement. In fact, most of the old intellectuals of their generation were all very upright and righteous. Everyone who attended their university had the attitude of contributing to the country and their society.

Although Matilda has been living in the United States for more than twenty years, she has always been very concerned about China. Whenever there were any major natural disasters in the country, Matilda would donate a lot of cash and supplies to the country to help the people and society. She has even received a commendation from the country.

However, Matilda has always maintained a low profile and she has never talked about this matter to anyone else. Therefore, all of their old classmates, including Jacob, had no idea that Matilda had always been donating and contributing to the country.

At this time, Jacob’s cell phone suddenly rang.

When he took out his cell phone, he realized that it was a group chat from his student union during his university years. No one has said anything in this group for several days. At this time, someone suddenly sent a text message to the group: “Classmates! Matilda has organized a class reunion at noon today. Are all of you going to be here?”

“I’m in Aurous Hill and I’m already preparing for the class reunion!”

“I’m still on my way to Aurous Hill. There are about a hundred kilometers left. I’ll probably arrive there in about one and a half hours!”

“I just got off the plane! I specially came here from Eastcliff today!”

At this time, someone tagged @Jacob specifically before he said: “Jacob, come out now! Your first love is back! I bet you don’t even know it yet, right?”

This message was sent by Zane Colton, who had a very good relationship with Jacob.

When Aaron tried to ridicule him the last time, Zane was the one who had backed Jacob up and supported him.

When Jacob saw Zane’s direct message to him, he rolled his eyes before he replied: “Why are you saying that I don’t know about it? Would you believe me if I told you that I’m with Matilda now?”

Zane sent a voice message to the group chat as he laughed and said: “I believe you. Of course, I believe you! What is the relationship between you two? Back then, both of you are recognized as the perfect match by everyone in the university!”

Jacob was very happy and overjoyed when he heard this. Therefore, he laughed as he sent a voice note back to the group: “Hahaha! Zane, that is true!”

At this time, Leah, one of their female classmates who had a very good relationship with Matilda back then, suddenly sent an angry emoji to the group chat. After that, she replied: “Jacob Wilson! You still dare to laugh when you’re such a scumbag? I’m so mad at you! You’re the reason why I haven’t had the opportunity to see Sister Matilda for so many years!”

Jacob was very embarrassed at this time. Back then, when he had accidentally cheated on Matilda with Elaine after he got drunk, the news of this incident quickly spread around the university. Jacob could not help but feel extremely awkward and embarrassed as he thought about it. It was the most shameful and humiliating thing that he had ever done in his life.

As Jacob was at a loss for words because he did not know how to reply to Leah’s message, a person in the group chat who has not said anything at all suddenly sent everyone a red packet in the group chat.

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