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Chapter 895

Elaine completely believed the story that the police officer had told her.

What she was most worried about right now was that the police officer would continue detaining her in the detention center to prevent her from spreading any rumors or raising any false alarms. If that really happened, then she did not know when she would finally be able to regain her freedom.

Elaine looked at the police officer with pleading eyes as she cried and said, “Officer, I really won’t say a word about this matter to anyone at all. Please let me go. If you continue to lock me up in the detention center, I will definitely die inside the cell…”

The police officer shook his head cautiously before he said, “Elaine, I cannot believe you. After all, I have already seen plenty of people like you. On the surface, you will tell us that you will not tell anyone about this matter but as soon as we let you go, you will definitely tell people about this matter because of your big mouth.”

After that, the police officer continued speaking, “Furthermore, you should not think that the only reason why we locked you up in the detention center is because we want to solve the case. In fact, we are doing this for your own safety!”

“If we let you out and you talk any nonsense or spread any rumors about this matter, the criminal organization will definitely find out about this matter. After that, they will definitely hunt you down and kill you! After that, they will plant all the evidence on you and push all the blame on you. You will become the victim that will be a substitute to get blamed for all of their crimes then!”

“In that case, wouldn’t you be even more seriously wronged then?”

“To be on the safe side, you should continue staying in the detention center until we have caught all of the suspects. After that, we can release you without any worries at all. We are simply doing this to ensure your safety.”

Elaine replied desperately, “Then, how long do I have to wait before I’m finally released from the detention center? Please! I’m begging you to please be merciful and let me go. I really won’t speak any nonsense at all. I’m even willing to kneel down and kowtow just so that I can be released from the detention center immediately. I don’t want to be locked up again…”

As she spoke about this, Elaine had already cried until she was almost out of breath…

“Forget it.” The police officer replied coldly, “We cannot afford to take this risk at all. This involves the Interpol department of twenty-three different countries. We cannot afford to bear the responsibility if this case falls apart because of you!”

The police officer who was standing at the side started to play the hero and he suddenly said, “I think that she has a rather sincere attitude. As long as she is able to control her own mouth and refrain from saying anything about this matter, then I think that it wouldn’t hurt for us to let her go then.”

The police officer who was playing the villain replied, “Who is going to bear the responsibility if she accidentally leaks out some crucial information about this case then? Who is going to bear the responsibility if she dies because of this case?”

The police officer who was playing the hero looked at Elaine before he asked, “Elaine, do you think you will be able to control your own mouth and refrain from saying anything unnecessary? If you can do so, then we will need you to write us a guarantee letter and we can consider letting you go if you promise to write the guarantee letter. If you speak any nonsense or leak any information about this case after we let you go, then we will arrest you immediately and keep you locked up in the detention center until this case is solved!”

Elaine wiped the tears off her face with her sleeves before she gasped for air as she said, “Officer, please rest assured that I will never say a word about this matter. To tell you the truth, I’m also a timid person who is afraid of death. This matter relates directly to my life and safety. Even if you threaten me to kill me or point a gun at my head, I won’t dare to say a word about this matter at all!”

At this time, the police officer who was playing the villain asked, “What about your son-in-law then? Will you be confronting your son-in-law about this matter immediately after you are released from the detention center?”

Elaine was stunned for a moment. She would not even have the opportunity to confront that bastard Charlie?

Then, who should she blame for all the beatings and humiliation that she had suffered after getting locked up in the detention center?

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