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Chapter 892

Elaine nodded in a daze before she said, “Sister Gena, please let me have some food. Otherwise, I’m really going to die…”

Gena sneered before she poured the rest of the porridge in the lunchbox on the ground. After that, she tapped the porridge on the ground with her toes before she sneered and said, “Do you want to eat something? If you want to eat it, then you can just lick it off the ground!”

When Gena had asked Elaine to lick the porridge off the ground yesterday, she was very unwilling to do so.

This was because Elaine felt that she could not kneel down and do such an embarrassing and humiliating thing just to get some food.

However, she could not be bothered about her own face and reputation anymore. Who cared about all of that indiscretions as long as she could fill her stomach? So what if she had to kneel down and lick the porridge off the ground?

Therefore, Elaine knelt down and she started to use her tongue to lick the cold porridge off the concrete floor without any hesitation at all.

Lady Wilson was stunned when she saw this scene for herself.

When she thought about the possibility of Elaine being locked up for the next ten to twenty years, she could not help but feel very excited.

Elaine started to lick the porridge off the ground bit by bit and even though she ate a lot of sand along with the porridge, she did not care about it at all.

At this time, the prison guard opened the door of the cell before he looked at Elaine and said coldly, “Elaine, come with me. The police are about to interrogate you!”

Those who were locked up in the detention center had not been sentenced for their crimes and they were collectively referred to as suspects. Suspects were often taken back to the police station for further interrogation by the police officers. This was a very common procedure.

When Elaine heard that she was about to be interrogated, she did not have any hesitations at all. She quickly stood up with much difficulty before she started crying as she rushed towards the door. After that, she looked at the prison guard as she begged, “Please, please take me away quickly.”

Elaine did not know that this interrogation was just a good show that he son-in-law, Charlie, had arranged for her!

When the prison guard saw the miserable state that Elaine was in, he could not help feeling extremely shocked. She had wounds all over her face and body and her two front teeth had already fallen out.

He quickly said to Elaine, “Come out quickly and follow me. The police officers who are here to pick you up are already waiting for you outside!”

The two police officers who were here today were the same two police officers who sent Elaine here two days ago.

They were both a little dumbfounded when they saw the state that Elaine was in after less than forty-eight hours.

However, since they knew that someone had already sent their greetings to prevent them from asking Elaine too many questions, they simply pretended not to notice anything. At this time, they said directly to Elaine, “Let’s go. Our car is waiting outside.”

After that, the man took a pair of handcuffs as he walked towards Elaine and handcuffed her hands behind her back.

Elaine followed the two police officers out as she asked them nervously, “Comrade, officer, I was really wronged. Did you make any progress on your case at all? When will you be able to clear my name? When can I go home?”

After she was done speaking, Elaine could not stop herself from crying bitterly.

The police officer replied, “You are now involved in an international fraud case. This is the largest international fraud case ever recorded in the world and you are the first suspect that we have ever arrested. You are a key suspect in our investigation and we have already achieved a breakthrough by arresting you.”

After that, the police officer continued speaking, “If you have any accomplices, it would be better for you to confess now and give us a list of your accomplices! If you help us solve this case, we can also view it as a meritorious service and we can give you a more lenient punishment then!”

Elaine cried bitterly as she trembled and said, “Comrade! Officer! Please believe me. I am willing to swear on my life that I really did not know anything about this at all. The person that you should be arresting is my son-in-law! I can lead you to him now. If you have any problems or questions, you can ask him about it. You can even shoot him to death if you want to. I would not have a problem with that at all but you should not be arresting an innocent person!”

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