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Chapter 890

“She was the one who ruined my son’s life! Do you think that I’ll be able to make up for my son’s lifelong happiness just by hitting her and beating her up a couple of times?”

Every inmate in the whole cell was all stunned at this time. No one would have ever expected Elaine to have done such a shameless thing back then!

What do women hate the most? A cheating man and his mistress!

Lady Wilson’s words successfully aroused everyone’s hatred and disgust for Elaine once again!

Everyone started scolding her:

“This stinky and shameless woman actually dared to do such a shameless thing at such a young age! Damn it!”

“That’s true. Why would any decent woman try to have sex with a man who is already drunk? Isn’t she simply a shameless slut?”

“She’s really disgusting! The only way to teach a shameless vixen like her is to hit her so she’ll learn her lesson the hard way!”

When she saw that she had successfully aroused the hatred of all the inmates in the cell towards Elaine, Lady Wilson could not help but feel a little more relieved. At this time, she could not help but think to herself: ‘Elaine, that damn bitch! Is she really trying to instigate and sow discord between me and the other inmates at a time like this? Then I’ll drive her deep down into the abyss!”

At this time, Lady Wilson shed some tears as she angrily complained, “Do you know what’s even more disgusting?”

“This shameless woman was actually roommates with my son’s girlfriend. Both of them shared the same dormitory and they were best friends.”

“As a result, this shameless woman turned her back on her best friend and ended up doing such a shameless thing! She slept with her best friend’s boyfriend!”

“She didn’t only try to snatch her best friend’s boyfriend and ruin her relationship, but she also drove her best friend away and forced her to go to the United States. I heard that she hasn’t returned to China for more than twenty years now. This is all thanks to this shameless woman!”

Lady Wilson’s words instantly made all the little pity that the other inmates were beginning to feel for Elaine vanish in a blink of an eye.

This was replaced with outright hatred for Elaine!

Elaine was so nervous that she was on the verge of collapse. She really did not expect the old lady to bring out Matilda’s affairs to immediately put out all of the little support that she had successfully established and gained.

What Elaine had done to Jacob and Matilda, who were a couple in a sweet relationship, was an extreme evil that all women despised.

Therefore, everyone’s pity for her disappeared in an instant.

Not only that, but they felt an even stronger hatred for her at this time!

One of the women jumped up from the upper bunk before she walked up to Elaine in two to three steps. After that, she took off her plastic slippers before she started using it to hit Elaine on her face in a fierce manner.

“I’ll beat you to death now, you shameless woman! My husband also left me because of a vixen like you!”

A group of women continued cheering and someone yelled, “Good job! Kill this shameless slut!”

At this time, Elaine could not help but yell out loud in pain. However, two more women rushed towards her before they started punching and kicking her!

Lady Wilson could only sneer as she witnessed this scene with a cold expression on her face.

“Elaine, if you want to fight me with the little skills that you have, you’re really seeking your own death!”

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