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Chapter 874

Charlie nodded as he said, “Alright, Dad. I got it.”

Jacob hurriedly said, “Also, don’t forget about the thing that I reminded you about!”

Charlie knew what he was talking about. Jacob wanted him to pay more attention to the situation and to make sure that he would not allow his mother-in-law to enter the villa if she came back. Jacob did not want Elaine to see Matilda in the villa.

So, he smiled before he said, “Don’t worry, Dad. I won’t make any mistakes since you have already given me military orders for this matter.”

Jacob gave him a thumbs up before he exclaimed, “You’re really my good son-in-law. I won’t treat you badly in the future!”

After he was done speaking, Jacob hurriedly brought Matilda to the kitchen.

Claire asked Charlie curiously, “What did Dad tell you? Both of you are acting so mysteriously as if you are engaged in some sort of shameful conspiracy.”

Charlie thought to himself, ‘It’s impossible for me to tell you that your father asked me to stay guard and watch over you. Moreover, if your mother comes back, I have to make sure she doesn’t enter the house even if I have to carry her away. If I can’t carry her away, then I’ll have to knock her out before carrying her away.”

Therefore, Charlie smiled before he said, “It’s nothing. Dad simply told me to entertain and take good care of Paul. He doesn’t want Paul to think that our family has no manners and courtesy to take good care of our guests.”

“Is that true?” Claire was doubtful.

Charlie replied seriously, “Of course that is the truth. Didn’t you just hear him asking me to make a cup of tea for Paul now?”

After that, Charlie greeted Paul hurriedly before he said, “Come here, Paul. I’ll let you try the taste of the high-end tea that my father-in-law bought from a tea seller at a high price.”

Charlie initially thought that Paul would not know much about tea leaves since he was an American. He probably did not know much about tea when he was living in the United States.

Therefore, Charlie felt that he should be able to fool Paul with the ordinary tea leaves that his father-in-law had been deceived into buying.

Unexpectedly, Paul smiled immediately as he said, “Oh, I really enjoy drinking tea. Since Uncle Wilson said that he has good tea here, then I must try it.”

Charlie was slightly taken aback and he smiled and said, “Well, since you’re well-versed in tea, then I’m afraid that you’ll be a little disappointed.”

As he spoke, Charlie brought Paul to the sofa before he started to prepare the tea for him.

Claire did not want to stay and chat with the son of her father’s first love. Therefore, she said, “Both of you can have a good chat together. I’ll go upstairs and rest for a short while since I have a headache and I really do not enjoy tea that much. Sorry, I’ll excuse myself first.”

Paul hurriedly stood up before he said politely, “Okay, Miss Wilson. Have a good rest.”

After Claire went upstairs, Charlie said, “Please sit down. Don’t stand up and talk.”

After sitting down, Paul looked at the Hainan Lexington sofa set and he could not help but exclaimed in surprise, “This is made out of really good materials! I can tell at first glance that this is a really old sofa set that is made out of Hainan Lexington wood! After the coating is done, the texture of the wood is really very beautiful. This is really amazing!”

Charlie was a little stunned. He really did not expect Paul to be a master at Chinese traditions and cultures even though he was mixed race.

He was fluent in the Chinese language and he knew about tea and wood and even coating! Was he really half-American?

Why did it seem as though Paul shared the same interests as his father-in-law?

If it weren’t for his blond hair and fair skin, Charlie would be wondering if Paul was a son left behind by his father-in-law.

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