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Chapter 872

Matilda nodded and said, “100 million is not that expensive, but I don’t quite get it, how could Jacob afford the villa here based on his current situation?”

Paul smiled and said, “Well, you need to ask him yourself then.”

Matilda smiled too. “Hmm, maybe he hides his light under a bushel.”

Paul pondered for a while and said, “Honestly speaking, Uncle Wilson is a nice man, but I can’t say that he has any light to hide, in fact, I don’t think he has a bushel too.”

Matilda asked curiously, “What do you mean by that?”

Paul replied, “Nothing, I just feel a little weird, that’s all.”

Matilda laughed lightly as she replied, “Okay, enough with that. I should be happy for my old pal who can live in such an expensive villa. As for other things, it’s none of our business.”

Paul nodded earnestly. “Yes, mom, you are right.”

At this moment, Jacob opened the gate and said excitedly as soon as he saw Matilda and Paul, “Hey, Matilda, Paul, you’re here. Come, please come in!”

Matilda smiled as she said, “Wow, Jacob, your house is so beautiful, I didn’t know that you stay in such a luxurious compound. I already felt the majestic and magnificence of this place when I entered the gate. This should be the best villas in Aurous Hill, right?”

Jacob replied humbly, “I’m not sure if it’s the best or not, actually, I just moved in two days ago.”

Matilda and Paul followed Jacob into the villa.

Matilda couldn’t help exclaiming in awe again when she saw the exquisite decoration in the yard, “Looks like you invested quite a lot of thoughts into decorating the place. Did you hire a top-notch interior designer and landscaper to renovate your house?”

Jacob answered, “No, we didn’t. Actually, this villa was given to my son-in-law by his friend.”

Paul gasped in surprise, “What? Uncle Wilson, this villa is worth more than 100 million, am I right? Charlie’s friend is very generous to give such an expensive villa to him.”

Jacob nodded. “Yes, not only that, but his friend also paid for all the renovations. We only spent some money on buying furniture and home appliances.”

Paul couldn’t help but utter under his breath, “I wonder if the villa was a gift from Charlie’s feng shui job.”

Jacob giggled, “Bingo! You guessed it right. This villa is his reward from one of his feng shui jobs. To tell you the truth, Charlie may seem quite useless and loafing around, but his reputation in feng shui is truly remarkable among the upper-class society in Aurous Hill!”

A peculiar feeling slowly tingled in Paul’s mind. Normally, even the most experienced and conscientious feng shui master would not worth 100 to 200 million dollars per job.

Charlie obtained such a nice villa coupled with the delicate renovation from a feng shui job, indicating that there must be other reasons other than the value of the villa itself.

From the looks of it, it seemed that Charlie was not an ordinary person!

He blurted, “Actually, I also believe in feng shui, but I have never met a very good and capable feng shui master. Based on your comment, I hope that Charlie can help me take a look at the feng shui in my new company later.”

Jacob chuckled. “Tell him your intention then. Charlie is a nice kid, he will not refuse your request!”

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