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Chapter 865

Meanwhile, in Aurous Hill Detention Center.

Elaine could only watch the inmates finish their lunch, and Gena finished both lunch sets, she felt as if someone stabbed her in the heart, the sight was so painful for her to bear.

She had not taken a bite of food for more than 24 hours, was beaten violently, and was forced to sleep all night in the freezing and humid toilet. She was dizzy with hunger and on the verge of collapsing.

Yet, she didn’t dare to express any dissatisfaction because it would trigger Gena to beat her again.

Because of her small appetite, Lady Wilson was full with just half of the rice portion in the lunch box.

She paced leisurely to Elaine with the leftover lunch box in her hand, waved it in front of her, and asked with a grin, “Hey, you haven’t eaten anything for a night and a day, are you hungry? It must be tough, right? Would you like to have two bites?”

Elaine glanced at the old lady like she was a light of hope and asked cautiously, “Really? Mom, do you really let me eat it?”

Lady Wilson nodded nobly. “Yes, it breaks my heart for seeing you starving for so long. Here, take it, as long as you don’t think my food is dirty.”

The lunch provided by the detention center was not appetizing, just rice and stew as the side dish without any meat, but Elaine drooled when she smelled the scent of the food.

She couldn’t care less about the cleanliness of the food, she would love to take a bite as long as she didn’t have to lick it off the floor.

She stretched her shaky arms out to take the lunch box while saying gratefully, “Thank you, mom, thank you!”

Just when her fingertips touched the lunch box, Lady Wilson dumped the leftovers on her head.

Glaring at her sinisterly, Lady Wilson sneered, “You don’t think I’m dirty, but I find you dirty! Do you think you deserve to eat my leftovers, you shameless piece of shit?! I would rather throw it away or feed the dogs than give it to you!”

Elaine blinked in confusion, vegetable and rice dripping off her head. Then, she started wailing desperately when she realized that Lady Wilson was teasing her, “How much more are you going to torture me? I’m already so miserable, why can’t you just let me go? Yeah, we haven’t been on good terms for the past several decades, but did I ever lay my hands on you? Did I ever physically beat you? Why do you do this to me? You want me to die, don’t you?!”

Lady Wilson snorted disdainfully, “Do you think I have to answer blows with blows? If you were humble and polite to me and had invited me into the Thompson First villa, do you think I would treat you like this?”

Elaine cried, “I’m sorry, mom, I really am! Please, if I ever have a chance to get out of here, I’ll pick you up with the most luxurious limousine to Thompson First and prepare the best room for you to live in.”

Then, she added, “I wrote you a letter, didn’t I? After your 15-day detention period expires, take the letter to Claire, she’ll get the room ready for you! Then, you can enjoy a good life at Thompson First! Why do you want to torture me now?”

Lady Wilson gritted her teeth dismally. She knocked Elaine’s head hard with the aluminum lunch box and growled, “Why would I want to torture you? Let me tell you, I wish I can kill you right now! I won’t be relieved even if I kill you and skin you alive now! I’ve been living a lavish and comfortable life my entire life, when have I been subjected to such humiliation? It is all thanks to you! Do you think I’ll spare you?”

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