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Chapter 863

Charlie had never thought that his father-in-law could be so villainous, but he could understand his feelings.

After all, the lady was the first love that he hadn’t seen in more than 2 decades who was as perfect as ever. Putting himself in Jacob’s shoes, he wouldn’t want anything or anyone to mess this up.

Moreover, Elaine was like a death-defying time bomb. Once initiated, her blast would be so devastating, it would be equivalent to the detonation of a nuclear bomb.

Hence, there was nothing wrong with him being so cautious.

However, he didn’t know that Elaine was currently in the detention center, suffering from inhuman torture. She would remain in the living hell as long as they didn’t get an okay from Charlie.

When they arrived home, Claire had just returned home too. He frantically walked to her and asked, “Dear, have you gone to the police station? What did the police say? Did they have any news about mom?”

Claire was pale and worried. “The police told me that they had issued a notice of assistance throughout the city, and even contacted the Blue Sky Rescue Team, but so far, no one has seen mom or know where she is now, they can’t find any clues to her whereabouts.”

Elaine was arrested when she was at the bank, doing the transaction. Isaac had called beforehand to make sure that they would not expose any clues to the public.

Besides, Elaine stayed inside the VIP reception room the whole time at the bank, no one knew she was there except the bank manager and the staff. Isaac had called the bank as well to make sure no news about Elaine’s visit was leaked out, so the public did not have a clue and it was impossible for the rescue team to find her.

He patted Claire and said, “Dear, don’t worry. Mom has not been missing for more than 24 hours yet, just wait for a while longer.”

Jacob quickly echoed, “Yes, he’s right, Claire. Your mom went out yesterday afternoon, it’s barely a day and a night, I don’t think you need to worry too much.”

Claire shook her head and said firmly, “No, I must go and find her again. I’m so worried about her right now.”

Then, she looked at Charlie and blurted, “Charlie, help me look around again in the afternoon, especially in places like the mahjong center or something, there’s where mom loves to go usually.”

Charlie immediately nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go and look for her now!”

Claire rushed forward, urging, “Don’t you dare lie to me like how you did yesterday!”

Charlie put up three fingers to imitate a swearing gesture and said, “Yes, yes, don’t worry, my dear, I won’t, I give you my word. I’ll go to all the mahjong centers in Aurous Hill and look for her carefully!”

Claire looked askance at him and reminded, “When you’re out there, you must take pictures of all the places you go to and show me!”

Claire was still very upset about Charlie and her dad going for a drink instead of searching for her mom the previous night.

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