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Chapter 850

The foreign driver nodded hurriedly before he said, “Okay, chairman. I will go right now!”

After that, he opened the trunk of the Rolls-Royce Phantom before he took all the suitcases from Paul’s hand and placed them in the trunk.

After he was done, he asked Matilda, “Chairman, aren’t you and the general manager going to the Shangri-La hotel in this car?”

Matilda nodded before he said, “I will be going there in my old classmate’s car. You can leave first.”

Jacob looked at the new and luxurious Rolls-Royce Phantom in front of him and he could not help but feel particularly uneasy at this time.

He could clearly tell the value of this car.

An ordinary car like this would have cost at least eight or nine million dollars. Furthermore, this car was equipped with a golden logo which was made out of pure gold. This would cost them an extra two hundred thousand dollars!

Jacob could not help but feel a little more inferior at this time.

Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Oh, Matilda, perhaps you should just take your Rolls-Royce Phantom to Shangri-La. My car is just a very normal and low-grade car. I am afraid that you will not be used to it. I do not want you to suffer any grievances because of me.”

Matilda replied seriously, “Jacob, we have already known each other for so many years. Do you really think that I am the kind of person who loves vanity so much?”

Jacob felt very embarrassed.

He hesitated for a short while before he said, “I simply own an ordinary BMW 5 Series. I am afraid that it would not be worthy enough for you…”

Matilda was a little angry and he said, “Jacob, why does it seem as though you care so much about all these things now? I do not care if you came to pick me up in a Rolls-Royce or a BMW 5 Series. I do not even care if you came to pick me up on the bike that used to be very popular amongst all the male students. All of it is simply a means of transportation anyway. Don’t talk about a BMW 5 Series. Even if you came to pick me up on a bike today, I would be willing to take a ride on it.”

After that, Matilda smiled before she said, “However, I guess it would actually be a little difficult for me to ride a bike with you at my age now.”

Jacob felt a lot more comfortable and relieved after listening to Matilda’s words.

He was really afraid that Matilda would feel uncomfortable sitting in his BMW 5 Series since she was already probably used to sitting in a Rolls-Royce. If that would make her feel uncomfortable, he would really feel very distressed.

At this time, Paul suddenly whispered to Matilda in English, “Mom, perhaps you should just take our car to the hotel. After all, the comfort level of the BMW 5 Series is very poor. I am afraid that you will not be able to adapt to it.”

Matilda waved her hand before she whispered, “Please do not drive such an expensive and luxurious car when we meet up with any of my old classmates in the future. Help me ask if there is any common commercial car in your company such as the Buick GL8 that costs about a few hundred thousand dollars. I do not want all of my old classmates to feel so distant from me after not seeing them for more than twenty years.”

Paul replied reluctantly, “Mom, we do not have such a cheap car in our company. The most common commercial vehicle that we own is the Toyota Alphard that costs more than one million dollars…”

Matilda replied, “In that case, just buy a car that is worth two or three hundred thousand dollars.”

Paul nodded before he said, “Okay, since you say so. I will make all of the arrangements for you then.”

After he was done speaking, Paul walked toward the driver before he whispered to him, “Go and buy a Buick GL8 under the company later.”

The driver was slightly taken aback and he said, “General Manager, we do not own such a low-end car in our company.”

Paul replied, “It’s okay. Just buy one of them for me.”

“Okay then.”

Since Charlie’s physical fitness far exceeds that of an ordinary person, he could hear everything that they were discussing even though they were whispering amongst themselves. At this time, Charlie could not help but feel a ton of admiration for Matilda.

This aunt was not only very beautiful and amazing, but she also had very high emotional intelligence.

This kind of woman was simply a goddess to every middle-aged man.

Charlie also had a feeling that his father-in-law, Jacob would fall head over heels in love with her soon…

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