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Chapter 831

Claire barely touched her chopsticks at all during dinner.

She kept picking up her cell phone to try to call Elaine and she kept sending her many text messages but there was no response from her at all.

On the other hand, Jacob has a very relaxed and contented look on his face. He felt that it would be great if Elaine had run away from home, just like Hannah did. If that was truly the case, then his life would truly be liberated.

Claire was very anxious at this time and she kept saying that she wanted to go to the police station to make a police report. At this time, Jacob said, “Oh, Claire, your mother is already an adult. Perhaps she really has something to do outside? Why are you so worried about her? What if she really intended to run away from home? Are you really going to ask the police officers to drag her home then?”

“How can that be possible?” Claire replied earnestly, “Mom has already been looking forward to moving into the villa at Thompson First for such a long time. Now that we have finally moved into the villa, it would not be possible for her to run away from home! You should also understand based on her character that my mom will never leave home at this time! Dad, you have already lived with mom for such a long time. Don’t you understand her character yet?”

Jacob suddenly sank deep into his thoughts.

His daughter’s words woke him up.

Who was Elaine?

She was the kind of person who was so vain to the point that it was intolerable.

She was also the kind of person who had been dreaming of living a luxurious life.

Even if she wanted to run away from home, it was completely impossible for her to leave the house on the day that their family had just moved into the villa at Thompson First. That was not her character at all.

As he thought about this, Jacob could only frown as he thought to himself. Could Elaine really be in trouble?

Although Jacob was really disgusted with Elaine, the both of them had already spent so many years living together as a couple. If something were to happen to Elaine, he would also feel bad and a little empty inside. Therefore, Jacob felt that it would be a little inappropriate for him to continue staying at home to drink tea at a time like this.

Jacob sighed before he said, “Alright then. We should finish up our dinner first. After we are done eating, I will go out with you to look for your mom.”

When Claire saw the change in her father’s attitude, she felt a little more comfortable. She hurriedly said, “Dad, why don’t we do this instead? I will go to the police station to make a police report. You can go and look around the mahjong halls that mom frequently visits to see if she is there.”

Jacob replied, “Okay then, I will go and look for her later.”

Charlie said, “My dear wife, I will accompany you to the police station then.”

Claire hurriedly said, “It is very simple for me to make the police report. I can go alone. You should accompany dad to look for mom instead.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded slightly but he was still a little worried about Claire. Therefore, he looked at Loreen before he said, “Loreen, why don’t you accompany Claire?”

Loreen quickly replied, “No problem! I will go to the police station with Claire.”

After they finished dinner really quickly, the four of them got into two separate cars as they proceeded to leave the villa at Thompson First.

Claire drove Loreen to the police station with her, whereas Charlie drove Jacob to look around the mahjong halls.

Before getting into the car, Charlie sent Isaac a text message: “My wife is going to the police station to make a police report. Inform your contact at the police station not to disclose any information or news about my mother-in-law.”

Isaac replied shortly after: “Don’t worry, young master. I already called them and she will not be able to find out any information about Elaine at all.”

“That’s good.” Charlie felt a little more relieved.

After that, he drove the car out with Jacob.

As soon as they left the house, Charlie asked Jacob, “Dad, where should we go now?”

Jacob sighed before he replied, “I don’t know where she usually likes to go to play mahjong. Just drive around and see if there are any mahjong halls around this area. We will go down and take a look if we see one in the vicinity.”

Charlie secretly smiled to himself. It seemed as though Jacob was also simply putting on an act so that Claire could be at ease.

After looking around a few mahjong halls, there was still no trace of Elaine at all. However, Jacob was not particularly worried. Anyway, the only reason why he decided to come out and look for Elaine was so that he would not feel guilty but he would feel a little more at ease then. He did not really care about Elaine’s wellbeing or her whereabouts at all.

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