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Chapter 816

“Okay.” Charlie felt relieved as well.

Two minutes after he ended the call, he received another text message that said, “Dear Mr. Charlie Wade, a total of $21,900,000,000.00 has been credited to your black card account at 15:06 today.”

Charlie finally calmed down with the money back in his hands.

Then, another serious question arose in his mind.

Elaine had stolen his card, tried out his password, and saw the shocking balance in his card.

What if Claire found out about it? How would he explain it to her?!

Charlie’s expression became more and more eerie.

‘Elaine, I’ve endured your nasty attitude towards me for so long because you were Claire’s mother, but you were playing with fire today.’

‘I wouldn’t let you go easily today!’

Determined, he made another call to Isaac.

As soon as the call was answered, Isaac’s respectful voice resonated. “Mr. Wade, how may I help you?”

Charlie uttered angrily, “My nasty mother-in-law has stolen my card and ransacked my money, 21.9 billion in total. I want to teach her a lesson. Please contact the relevant department and stage a show for me.”

“Yes, anything for you, Mr. Wade!”

Charlie immediately informed Isaac of his plans, and said, “You must make sure everything is executed orderly. I won’t allow for any mistakes, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Mr. Wade!”


Meanwhile, at the Citibank VIP lounge, Elaine kept refreshing her mobile banking app over and over again. It was only a pitiful thirty-two cents in it.

She was yearning for the 21.9 billion to be transferred into her account as soon as possible so that she could instantly reach the pinnacle of life effortlessly!

However, ten minutes had passed, yet there was no increase in the balance of her account at all.

She was starting to get a little irritating and wanted to scold Dorian the manager when one of her friends called her.

“Hey, Elaine, do you want to go for a facial tomorrow? We plan to go there together.”

Elaine snorted disdainfully. “Facial? What facial? Who am I to join you for a facial? What the fuck is running in your idiotic mind?”

The voice of the woman on the other end of the line changed instantly. “What do you mean by that?”

“What do I mean? I mean, going to a beauty salon for a facial is what people like you do. Me? I’m going to buy the whole beauty salon that would serve only me alone. From now on, I want to draw a line between your kind of people!”

“Elaine, are you out of your mind? You want to buy a beauty salon? You? It’s still too early to daydream!”

Elaine grinned triumphantly while shaking her head. “I have nothing to say to you poor folks. Let me tell you, I’m no longer the old Elaine you know. The money I have is beyond your imagination!”

The woman sneered contemptuously. “I think it’s time for you to take medicine!” Then, she ended the call.

Elaine could not be bothered. She felt as if she was floating in the sky, overjoyed and delightful. It was best for her to avoid contact with poor folks like those women. It would be very annoying if they intended to borrow money from her once she was rich.

She drank a sip of the Blue Mountain coffee and scolded Dorian as she glared at him. “Hey, hurry up, will you? What the fuck are you doing? The money isn’t in my account yet! Believe it or not, with just a simple phone call away, you’ll be fired tomorrow!”

Dorian was getting annoyed by Elaine’s arrogant attitude, but he bit the bullet and said, “Ma’am, please wait a moment, the headquarters needs time to process the transaction!”

“I don’t care! Quick, find out what has happened or I’ll hire someone to torture you!”

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