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Chapter 775

When Lady Wilson heard Christopher asking her to either sell off their furniture or their antiques, she could not help but feel a little angry.

She said angrily, “I can bear to sell the furniture but don’t even think about selling my antiques! Those antiques are the only thing that your father left behind as my retirement fund before he died!”

Christopher hurriedly persuaded, “Mom, the most important thing is to make sure that we live well and survive while we’re still alive! Why do you want to keep the antiques for? Are you going to bring those antiques with you to meet my father when you die?”

“Don’t talk rubbish here!” Lady Wilson cursed angrily as she shouted, “What do you know? These furniture in our house are already registered with the bank. When the bank comes over here to seal up the Wilson family villa, they’ll definitely take this batch of furniture with them. However, the bank doesn’t know anything about the antiques that we have! These antiques will be able to save our lives once the bank takes possession of our house!”

Christopher finally understood what his mother was saying at this time!

If they sold the furniture now, it would be tantamount to secretly disposing of the assets that had already been mortgaged to the bank in advance. Therefore, they could treat this as an opportunity to make up for their losses.

However, if they sold their antiques now and if the bank found out about it, then the bank would definitely try their best to find the antiques that they had hidden.

Therefore, they really should not sell their antiques and they should only do so as their last resort!

At this time, Christopher hurriedly said, “You’re right, Mom. You’ve really thought about everything more comprehensively. I’ll listen to you.”

Lady Wilson snorted coldly before she said, “If you had listened to me earlier and given me the money, then we won’t be suffering like this now!”

Lady Wilson could not help but feel extreme rage and anger as she thought about the heavy debts and the tragic financial situation of the Wilson family.

This was all thanks to Christopher’s wife, Hannah!

If it weren’t because of that bitch Hannah who ran away with the money, then the Wilson family would not be in this miserable situation right now!

Furthermore, Lady Wilson has already asked her son to take out the eight million dollars and hand it over to her so that they could repay part of their foreign debt to the bank first. After that, they could slowly think of a situation to pull through their difficulties.

However, her plan had already failed completely. They did not have any more money on hand and the person with the money had already disappeared. Moreover, the bank was already knocking on their front door to collect their debts! The Wilson family was in a very desperate and tragic situation at the moment.

As she thought about it, Lady Wilson could not help but feel even more frustrated and furious. She stood up as she slammed her hands on the table and cursed, “Hannah Queen, that bitch! Why didn’t I notice her rebellious attitude in the past? She’s exactly the same as Elaine! I shouldn’t have allowed her to marry into the Wilson family! This is the decision that I regret the most in my life. I should have kicked her out of the Wilson family and let her starve to death on the street when I could!”

As she spoke about this, Lady Wilson gritted her teeth as she said angrily, “That bitch must be feeling very happy right now! She has more than two million dollars in cash and she’s even paying a gigolo to accompany her! She must be really very happy and satisfied right now!”

In fact, Lady Wilson did not know that her daughter-in-law, Hannah, was actually suffering a fate much worse than the Wilson family now.

She had to dig coal in the dark coal mine every day and she could not see the sun at all! Besides that, Hannah also had a dozen kilograms of cast iron shackled to her feet. She had to work at least twelve hours a day before she could finally rest. Her hands and feet were completely worn out and covered with blood and blisters.

Furthermore, the boss of Mount Blackpine where Hannah was located was very cruel. He had arranged a very fierce and abusive supervisor to look after the group of laborers that Don Albert had sent over to dig for coal. If the laborers did not work hard, the supervisor would use a whip to beat them up.

Since Hannah used to maintain and take good care of her body and her appearance, she was still rather pretty charming even though she was already in her forties to fifties. Therefore, the supervisor took an interest in Hannah when she arrived at the coal mine. When she first arrived at the coal mine, she originally looked down on the dirty and smelly supervisor and she would rather die than allow him to touch her.

However, after getting beaten up several times and after he had deliberately starved her and made her go hungry a couple of times, Hannah finally compromised and gave in to the supervisor. She agreed to become the supervisor’s lover in the coal mine.

After becoming the supervisor’s lover, she was still suffering from mental and emotional abuse even though she was relieved from further physical abuse and labor.

She was originally a woman who had more than tens of millions of dollars and she could be considered a pretty well-to-do person who lived in a villa.

However, now, she had to work in a dim, dirty and smelly coal mine. She even had to use her own body to please the dirty and shameless supervisor, while making sure that he was satisfied with her performance. To someone like Hannah, this was simply the greatest torture in the world.

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