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Chapter 767

Before Charlie arrived at Heaven Springs, the Moore family’s statement had spread throughout Aurous Hill and even to the upper-class society in the South Region.

No one would have imagined that the Moore family, the number one family in Aurous Hill, would openly challenge the Webb family, the number one family in Southaven.

It seemed that an exciting thriller was on its way.

Theodore and Reuben, however, were enraged when they heard the news.

What the hell was going on in Lord Moore’s mind?!

It was considered a small matter when Lord Moore was angry with Donald at yesterday’s banquet. They could talk it out in private and clarify the misunderstanding in the future.

However, now that the old man had openly challenged the Webb family, which meant to say that they publicly declared that they cut ties with the Webb family, in fact, they were becoming enemies!

Theodore and Reuben couldn’t help but whine, “Old man, why?! Even if you want to curry favor with Charlie, there’s no need to openly challenge the Webb family, right? They may fight against us in the future! Besides, it is even more impossible for Jasmine and Sean to be together!”

On the other hand, the Webb family was also outraged by the news.

The Webb family was chaotic enough already, and Lord Moore’s statement added insult to injury. The family’s current affairs were troublesome, and the Moore family’s action made them more irritable.

Lord Webb was still lying on the hospital bed. Donald urged the whole family to keep their mouth shut and not to mention anything to his father. He also decided to ignore the Moore family for the time being and not respond to their statement.

The combination of the humiliating and insulting affairs had tarnished the Webb family’s dignity and reputation.

Although they were still the number one family in Southaven, the news about them offending the Wade family of Eastcliff had spread across the country like wildfire.

Previously, the people were clueless as to who the Webb family had offended that resulted in the video that humiliated their family being played in default on TikTok’s main page.

This morning, after the news of the Wade family’s acquisition of TikTok was released, everyone realized that the Webb family had offended the Wade family of Eastcliff!

Several prominent families that shared a good relationship with the Webb family had alienated them. They wanted to keep their distance as the Wade family was too powerful for them to go up against.

As a result, the Webb family suddenly fell into a passive position. In fact, their business and influence were severely tarnished as many families decided to cut ties with them.

At this moment, the Webb family had no strength to fight against the Moore family. They had a bigger enemy to face—Charlie.


When Jasmine’s car parked at the entrance of Heaven Springs, Don Albert hurried out to greet her.

As Charlie and Jasmine got out of the car, Don Albert sighed in admiration when he saw the tall and handsome Charlie walking side by side with the elegant Jasmine.

“This is a match made in heaven! Miss Moore’s beauty and temperament make her the most beautiful woman in the country!”

Don Albert escorted Charlie and Jasmine to the Diamond Suite where the spirited Lord Moore was waiting.

As Charlie walked into the room, Lord Moore hurriedly bowed at him and said, “Hello, Master Wade. Come, have a seat!” He guided Charlie toward the main seat of the table.

Charlie smiled lightly. “Mr. Moore, you are the elder, you should take this seat.”

“Oh, no!” Lord Moore rejected immediately, “Master Wade, in my eyes, you are the true dragon! You should sit in the main seat.”

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