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Chapter 1000

It was obvious that Jacob was very desperate at this moment.

When Elaine saw this, she felt even more victorious. After that, she said contemptuously, “Jacob Wilson, you d*mn old man. Why are you acting so pitifully right now? Are you trying to gain our daughter’s sympathy? Do you want me to bring up all of your previous love affairs in front of our daughter?”

After that, before Jacob could even say anything at all, Elaine sneered as she said, “Jacob, you used to be so famous in school back then. Moreover, everyone in school also knows about the relationship between you and Matilda. However, even though you already have a girlfriend, you’re still being a womanizer. After that, you took advantage of me and ruined my innocence! I’ve been suffering and I’ve wasted half of my life because of you. Now, you’re actually thinking of divorcing me? There are so many scumbags in this world but none of them will ever be able to beat you!”

Jacob felt as though his heart had been violently hit by a train.

At this moment, Jacob finally realized that he would never be able to defeat this woman in his whole life.

As long as she was still around, then it would be completely impossible for him to ever find any true happiness in his life.

Therefore, Jacob changed from sobbing slowly to crying out desperately at this time.

Claire was also very depressed when she witnessed the scene before her.

She suddenly realized that she had never wanted her parents to divorce before this. However, if both of them did not get a divorce, then the end result would be endless quarrels such as this.

This way, neither one of them would ever be happy.

If they would have to continue living like this in the future, then the future seemed really bleak…

At this time, Claire suddenly received a text message from Loreen, which read: “Claire, I went back to the villa at Thompson First earlier. However, before I entered the house, I heard Uncle and Aunt arguing. It seemed as though they were having a very fierce argument. Do you want to go home and take a look?”

Claire hurriedly replied: “I’m already home.”

Loreen replied again: “That is good then. I think that it would be better for me to stay at the hotel in the next few days. Otherwise, it would be really embarrassing and awkward for me.”

Claire felt very sorry at this time.

She had originally planned to invite her best friend over to live in her own house so that she would not have to live in the hotel alone.

However, who would have expected that her father would entertain his first love at their house as soon as they moved here?

Moreover, after he was done entertaining his first love, her mother had suddenly disappeared.

Now that her mother was finally home, the both of them started fighting and arguing again. If she was in Loreen’s shoes, she would also hide as far away as she possibly could.

As she thought about this, Claire sighed as she sent Loreen another message: “I’m sorry, Loreen. You can come back here when things calm down a little at home.”

Loreen hurriedly replied: “You don’t have to worry about me now. You should focus on taking care of your family affairs.”

In fact, Loreen had always been jealous and she had always envied Claire in the past. After all, she could find a good man such as Charlie.

However, at this time, Loreen suddenly did not envy her that much anymore.

This was because Loreen felt that Claire’s family was really too dysfunctional. If she were to continue living in such a weird family atmosphere, she would have collapsed a long time ago.

At this time, Jacob had already stood up and went back to his room as he continued crying. When Elaine saw him escaping, she also lost all interest in continuing the argument. She said triumphantly, “Oh, I’m going to soak and enjoy a good time in my big bathtub now. I am finally going to sleep at the villa at Thompson First tonight! Hahaha!”

When she saw that her parents had already returned to their respective rooms, Claire said to Charlie in a frustrated manner, “Ahh. I’m really very tired. My head is also hurting now. I’m also going back to the room to take a bath. Otherwise, I’m really going to collapse…”

When Charlie thought about the fact that he would be upgraded to the bed tonight, he hurriedly followed behind Claire with a smile on his face…

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