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Chapter 750

”What the hell?” Elaine was very anxious and she started cursing, “What kind of person is he? How can he take back something that he has already given to someone?”

Charlie spread out his hand before he said, “After all, it is a gift given by someone else. Even if the person takes back his word and wants to take the villa back, we will not be able to do anything at all. How can we possibly be able to do anything to the White family?”

Elaine was very annoyed and she said, “How can there be such a thing? How can he give us a villa without any furniture or appliances at all? He is the worst!”

Jacob said, “Okay! Stop it! We should just be content. We should use our family money to buy some furniture tomorrow! After buying the furniture, we will find a moving company to move the furniture into the villa next week!”

Elaine panicked as she said, “No! We are not moving into the villa if we do not resolve the issue involving the purchase of the furniture today!”

“What else is there to talk about?” Jacob frowned before he said, “We can buy the furniture that we are going to use by ourselves! What else is there to say?”

“I…I…” Elaine panicked and said, “I will not buy any furniture! If you want to, you can buy it yourself!”

Jacob blurted out, “What nonsense are you talking about? How can I possibly have any money to buy any furniture? I even have to depend on my son-in-law to give me some money to buy my friends’ dinner that night!”

“What?” Elaine exploded in anger. After that, she asked, “Charlie, where did you get the twenty thousand dollars?”

Charlie replied, “It is my private savings.”

“Private savings?” Elaine was very annoyed and she said, “You are staying in our house and eating our food for free and you dare to have your private savings? Tell me the truth now! Tell me how much money you are secretly stashing away! You should give me all your money so that I can keep the money on behalf of the family!”

Elaine was already going insane because she was desperate for money. When she heard that Charlie had some private savings, she was suddenly filled with greed!

Charlie replied indifferently, “Mom, I do not have a lot of savings. I simply earned some money from occasionally providing Feng Shui services to other people. I already used most of my money to buy the two BMWs at home. I do not have much money left.”

Elaine hurriedly asked, “You do not have much money left, but how much do you have left?”

Charlie shrugged as he said, “Less than ten thousand dollars. I probably have about seven to eight thousand dollars left!”

“Give it to me!” Elaine blurted out, “You are not allowed to keep any money as your private savings in the future!”

Claire could not stand her mother anymore and she replied coldly, “Mom! Why are you always bullying Charlie? It is not easy for him to save some money for himself. Furthermore, he is not even keeping a lot of money to himself. So, why are you still trying to take his money from him? Don’t you have more than two million dollars on your hands?”

Elaine was speechless.

How could she possibly have more than two million dollars?

Therefore, she could only reply angrily, “Well, when it is time to move into the villa, we will move all of our old furniture into the villa first!”

“What?” Jacob was stunned and he said, “Do you know how big the villa is? There are three floors above the ground and two floors underground! The total area of the villa is more than one thousand square meters! How can these few pieces of furniture in our house possibly be enough to fill up the entire villa?”

As he spoke, Jacob pointed at their fabric sofa before he said, “Besides that, how can we possibly put this old and broken sofa in the living room of a villa at Thompson First? How would that make any sense at all?”

Elaine had a guilty conscience and she said, “What do you know? We will be able to save some money this way! Do you want to spend more than one million dollars to buy some furniture and appliances for the villa just because of your vanity? You do not know how to be frugal at all!”

Jacob was stunned…

He was vain? He did not know how to be frugal? Who gave Elaine the right to say that about him?

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