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Chapter 743

As Donald finally heaved a huge sigh of relief because the video on TikTok had already been deleted, he would never have dreamt that the TikTok video platform had already completed their transaction with the Wade family from Eastcliff.

At this time, the Wade family from Eastcliff wholly owned the TikTok video platform which they had acquired for eighty-five billion dollars.

Before the news was officially released, the Wade family had already begun to take over the operations of the TikTok video platform.

The first thing they did was to restore Marcus’s deleted account. At the same time, they also restored the video that had been deleted.

Immediately afterward, the technicians set it up so that this video would pop up directly on the home screen of all the users on the TikTok video platform across the entire country!

Donald did not know that things had already taken a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn at this point. As he was waiting for the helicopter to arrive, he suddenly received a phone call from Kian.

Kian was panicking as he yelled over the phone, “Dad, what is going on?! Why is the video appearing on the home screen of all of the TikTok users’ accounts? The number of likes on the video has already exceeded more than two million at the moment! I asked many people, and they told me that the first thing that popped up on their home screen as soon as they turned on their TikTok was the video of the stand-up comedy!”

“What?!” Donald exclaimed immediately. “Are you sure?! I just spent seventy million dollars to solve this problem. There should be no reason for the video to appear on TikTok again!”

Kian replied confidently, “Of course I’m sure! I just saw it myself. As soon as I logged into the app, the first thing that popped out was the video of the stand-up comedy. I also asked several people about it, and it seems as though the video also appeared on their home screen as soon as they logged into TikTok. Dad, what should we do now?”

Donald’s face turned black immediately, and he said, “Let me find out what is going on!”

After he was done speaking, Donald hung up the phone and quickly asked Sean to turn on his TikTok application.

As expected!

As soon as he logged into TikTok, the video of Mr. Lloyd and Marcus appeared on his home screen immediately!

Donald was filled with resentment, and he immediately made a phone call to the person that he had paid to resolve the public relations crisis on his behalf. As soon as the call was connected, Donald asked, “Brian! Are you playing around with me? Why is the video uploaded and released on TikTok again? Not only that, the video is now appearing on all the users’ home screen by default!”

The other party could only reply awkwardly, “Oh, Donald. I just received news about it. You cannot blame me for this. The reason why this is happening is because the Wade family in Eastcliff has just bought over the TikTok video platform for eighty-five billion dollars in cash. The original owner of TikTok decided to sell it to the Wade family without any hesitation at all…”

“What did you just say?!” Donald could not help but exclaim, “Did you say that the Wade family has bought over the TikTok video platform?”

“That’s right!” Brian replied immediately. “They contacted the boss of TikTok just a while ago and quoted a price of eighty-five billion dollars in cash to take over the video platform. The other party quickly agreed to the offer made by the Wade family without any hesitation. After all, you should also know that the economy in the world has not been so good recently. Many entrepreneurs are looking to get rid of their businesses. If anyone offered them such a high price for their business, it is inevitable for them to accept the offer without any hesitation whatsoever…”

After that, the other party hurriedly said, “Donald, don’t be angry. Either way, I did not touch the seventy million dollars at all. I will arrange for the money to be transferred back to you immediately! I am sorry, brother. There is honestly nothing that I can do for you this time!”

Donald was utterly shocked!

Why was the Wade family doing this?

The Wade family was such a powerful and influential family. So, why were they trying to destroy someone as mediocre as him?

Besides, Donald could not help but wonder how he had offended the Wade family! The only misunderstanding that had occurred between them was because five of his subordinates had dared to injure some of the Wade family’s men at Shangri-La. Was it truly necessary for them to take revenge on him and push him to a dead-end?

Donald could not believe that the Wade family would even buy over TikTok just so they could humiliate and make a fool out of the Webb family!

At this time, Donald was still unwilling to believe that Charlie, the useless son-in-law, would have anything to do with the Wade family from Eastcliff.

In his mind, he instinctively felt that it was two completely different things.

Firstly, he had offended Charlie, and that was the reason why he had injured his subordinates before recording a video of the stand-up comedy between Mr. Lloyd and Marcus.

Secondly, since his subordinates had offended the Wade family, the Wade family felt the need to protect their subordinates. Therefore, that was the reason why Isaac and the Wade family were trying to find fault with him.

These two incidents had to be a total coincidence. Donald believed that the Wade family must have seen the video on the TikTok and wanted to use this video to further insult and humiliate the Webb family. However, when they found out that he had deleted the video from the internet using public relations crisis management, they decided to buy over TikTok so that they could upload the video again.

They had even paid eighty-five billion dollars in cash just like that. This was indeed the way that the top and most prestigious Wade family did things!

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