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Chapter 740

At this time, Kian, who had been at the Webb family mansion in Southaven, suddenly gave Donald a call.

He had just regained his consciousness after finishing his extra meal. Kian called his father regardless of the horrible and foul stench in his mouth.

Donald did not expect to receive a phone call from his youngest son at this time.

After all, Kian had been very depressed during this period. Every time he finished eating his meal, he would only feel like dying and committing suicide. He was in a very decadent state, and he did not want to see or talk to anyone at all.

Donald could not understand why his youngest son would be calling him at this time.

Could it be because Kian had heard about what had happened to him and his eldest son? Did Kian call him to comfort him?

Donald could not help but feel somewhat relieved as he thought about this.

However, as soon as he answered the call, he could hear Kian’s extremely flustered voice over the other end of the line. “Dad! Something terrible has happened! Grandpa has had a heart attack!”

“What?” Donald blurted out, “What happened?! I was just talking to your grandfather over the phone a short while ago and he seemed completely fine to me!”

Kian replied, “Not too long ago, grandpa received a phone call from his friend who asked him to watch a video on TikTok. I turned on the video to show it to him, but he suffered a heart attack after watching the video! The paramedics are trying to resuscitate him at home, but it seems as though he is not in a life-threatening situation.”

“Video? What video are you talking about?” Donald asked anxiously, “What kind of short video did the old man watch? Did he get a shock because it was something horrifying?”

“No…” Kian blurted out, “It was a video of a father and son who had some words carved on their foreheads. They posted a video of themselves performing a stand-up comedy on TikTok!”

“Stand-up comedy?” Donald was even more confused at this time.

After that, he asked, “Did you just say that there were words engraved on their foreheads?”

“Yes!” Kian hurriedly said, “They introduced themselves as Mr. Cain Lloyd and Marcus Lloyd!”

Donald was even more surprised!

What was this pair of father and son up to this time?!


After realizing that Jones and his other bodyguards had become cripples with words engraved on their foreheads, he had been so shocked that he had completely forgotten all about Mr. Lloyd and his son.

Where were both of them?

What kind of standup comedy had they posted online?

Therefore, Donald asked in surprise, “What did both of them say in their standup comedy? Why did your grandfather suffer from a heart attack because of the video?”

Kian replied, “I only watched a short part of the video, but the content of their stand-up comedy was simply to insult and make fun of the Webb family! They were insulting our family very terribly! They not only made fun of me because of my shit-eating disorder, but they also made fun of you, my brother, my mother, and even grandpa!”

Donald was extremely furious, and he cursed out loud, “That father and son with the last name Lloyd! Who gave them the courage to humiliate and make fun of the Webb family?”

Then, Donald turned around to look at Sean before he said, “Hurry up! Turn on your TikTok and search for Marcus’s stand-up comedy video!”

Sean was very surprised. He did not know why his father would suddenly want to watch a short video on the TikTok platform. He also could not understand why Mr. Lloyd and his son, Marcus, would even upload a video of them performing a stand-up comedy on TikTok.

However, he took out his cell phone obediently before he opened the TikTok application and started searching for the video of Mr. Lloyd and Marcus. After a short while, he found the video that already had more than one million views!

Sean subconsciously clicked into the video, and Mr. Lloyd and Marcus’s voices started sounding in the video.

Donald hurriedly came over to look at the video. The more they watched the video, the uglier the expressions on the father and son’s faces were!

Halfway through the video, Donald was so filled with hatred and rage that he felt like taking a knife and stabbing it into Mr. Lloyd and Marcus a thousand times!


Even if he could stab them a thousand times, he would not be able to resolve the hatred that he felt in his heart!

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