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Chapter 736

Isaac smiled playfully as he said, “You want to know who gave me the courage to do this? Sorry, but this authority was given to me by the young master of the Wade family!”

If it was under any normal circumstances, as the spokesperson of the Wade family, Isaac naturally would not dare to directly get into a conflict and confrontation with the Webb family using the Wade family name. How would he have the courage to break the leg of the father and son from the Webb family?

However, this decision today was not made by himself, but was an order that had been given directly by his young master!

If the young master of the Wade family had said that he wanted the father and son dead, Isaac would do it immediately without any hesitation whatsoever. Besides, the Wade family would definitely back him up and give him all the support and protection he needed!

Thus, Isaac had no qualms about his actions at all.

Donald and his son were completely stunned!

The young master of the Wade family wanted to deal with them?

Yet, when had they ever offended the young master of the Wade family? They did not even know him!

At this time, they would never believe that Charlie, that piece of trash who had a reputation as the useless son-in-law in Aurous Hill, was actually the young master of the Wade family from Eastcliff!

Donald hurriedly said, “Mr. Cameron, is there any misunderstanding or mistake in this matter? When did we offend Mr. Wade?”

Isaac could not be bothered to explain himself and instead, he sneered before instructing his men, “Break the leg of that young man first before we break the old man’s leg!”

As soon as his voice fell, the men dressed in black rushed toward Sean immediately!

Sean was scared to death!

The men in black suits pressed him to the ground, and he could only shout desperately, “Dad! Hurry up and save me! Dad, help me!”

Donald was trembling as he gritted his teeth!

He originally thought that the Shangri-La hotel would be the safest place in Aurous Hill. However, he never expected this to be the lion’s den!

He knew that Isaac had no fear at all because he had the backup and support of the Wade family. So, what else could he do now?!

Beg for mercy? Isaac would not be bothered at all!

Use his identity to bargain for leniency? Isaac did not care about their family status at all!

Confront him directly? Was there anyone there who could help him now?!

Donald knew that there was no way for him to save his son anymore.

He could not even save himself!

Just then, the man with the brass knuckles hit Sean’s kneecaps directly.

After a click, Sean began howling like a pig who was getting slaughtered!

His right leg was completely crippled now!

At this time, both his right hand and right leg were broken and completely useless!

Furthermore, the injury to his right kneecap was so serious that there was no possibility of recovery at all!

This simply meant that he, the dignified eldest son of the Webb family, would be a useless cripple that would be ridiculed by others in the future!

Sean could not help but burst into tears!

How could this be possible?

What was happening?

What was wrong with Aurous Hill? Why did it feel as though this small city was filled with all sorts of devastating demons?

Donald was heartbroken.

He had always loved and doted on his eldest son the most.

After all, his eldest son would be the one to inherit and take over the Webb family in the future. Therefore, Donald had always placed all of his focus and attention on Sean.

Unexpectedly, his eldest son was suddenly a disabled person!

Moreover, his second son was still a poop-eating monster who had to eat shit every hour…

Why were their destiny and fate so miserable?

At this time, Isaac pointed at Donald who was still in disbelief and said, “Alright, then! It’s this old man’s turn now!”

Donald felt a tight knot in his heart, and his legs softened involuntarily as he knelt to the ground with a thud.

Isaac stared coldly at Donald who was kneeling on the ground before he smiled and said, “Oh, Mr. Webb, why are you kneeling on the ground? Even if you kneel, we will still have to break your leg!”

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