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Chapter 735

Before Donald could even figure out the meaning behind Isaac’s words, Isaac’s men had already made their move.

Isaac’s subordinates were also all very reputable and incredible fighters. They might not be as strong or powerful in comparison to Jones.

However, Jones was already half-dead at the moment. He could still deal with any ordinary man, but he would not be able to fight a person who was skilled in fighting.

Therefore, Jones had no opportunity to resist or fight back when he was faced with Isaac’s subordinates.

Charlie had already planned his destiny in advance!

Jones could not help but feel extremely helpless and desperate at this point.

He would never have dreamt that he would end up in this state!

If his legs were really broken, wouldn’t he be a completely useless person in this life?

When that time came, he would just be a useless person with broken arms and legs. He would simply have to lay in bed, unable to move, and he would not even be capable of taking care of himself then…

At this time, Isaac’s men stepped forward as he approached Jones and the other bodyguards. The first man that they started with was none other than Jones.

One of the men instructed the other men, “Hold onto his leg for me!”

A few men stepped forward immediately before pressing Jones’s legs to the ground.

Immediately afterward, the man took out a brass knuckle that was made out of pure steel before he put it on his hand. After that, he aimed it directly at Jones’s right kneecap before he slammed his hand right into Jones’s knee. Jones’s right knee shattered immediately.

Jones could not help but scream out loud because of the piercing pain.

However, he was only halfway through his misery!

After that, the man continued slamming his hand into Jones’s left kneecap before shattering his left kneecap.

After he was done with Jones, the man continued shattering all the kneecaps of the remaining four bodyguards!

The presidential suite was filled with the sound of cries and wailing of the five men who were in extreme pain.

Donald had an indifferent expression on his face as he witnessed the fate of his men. He did not care about them because he could not wait to get rid of them.

He only cared about whether Isaac would finally be satisfied and appeased.

If he was still not satisfied, what else could he possibly want?

Therefore, Donald asked Isaac, “Mr. Cameron, are you satisfied with the results now?”

Isaac replied coldly, “Of course I’m not satisfied yet!”

Donald could not help but tremble in anger. After that, he hurriedly asked, “Mr. Cameron, how can you be satisfied, then?”

Isaac looked at Donald coldly as he said, “It is actually very simple. I want to break one of you and your son’s legs!”

“What?” Donald was extremely startled, and he blurted out, “Mr. Cameron, don’t you think that you are taking the joke a little too far?”

Isaac squinted his eyes as he asked, “Who said that I am joking with you now?”

Donald took a step back involuntarily in fright before he panicked and said, “Mr. Cameron, I know that some of my men have caused conflict due to a slight misunderstanding. Still, do you really have to take things this far?”

Then, Donald lowered his body and said humbly, “If I did not do well in any way, I hope that Mr. Cameron can just make things clear to me so that I can put in all my effort into correcting my mistakes. You don’t have to hold onto your grudge. After all, you do not want to hurt the peace and harmony between our families, right?”

Isaac replied coldly, “Do you really think that the Webb family is worthy enough to talk to the Wade family about peace and harmony? Who the hell do you think you are?!”

After that, Isaac said sternly, “If the both of you want to make it out of this place alive today, you should just let me break one of your legs. Otherwise, even a deity or immortal would not be able to save both of you today!”

Donald could not help but tremble in shock!

Was Isaac for real?

Did he want to break his leg?!

What a joke!

He was the eldest son of the Webb family, the second generation heir of the Webb family!

He was probably above everyone else in the whole South Region. Moreover, the only person who was above him was his father!

The Webb family had always been very powerful in the South Region, and he was the one who had always been bullying others. When had he ever been bullied by others?!

For the sake of maintaining peace with the Wade family, he could even bear with the fact that Isaac had rushed in and beat him and his son up.

However, how could he possibly accept this? How could he allow Isaac to break his son’s and his leg?

If word about this matter were to get out to the public, wouldn’t the Webb family be humiliated?

As he thought about this, Donald plucked up the courage as he shouted sternly, “Isaac Cameron! Don’t take things too far! Do you really think that you are a member of the Wade family now? You are nothing more than a dog and a subordinate of the Wade family! Who gave you the courage to deal with me and challenge the Webb family? Even if the Webb family is not as strong as the Wade family, we are still the top and most powerful family in the South Region. I do not believe that the Wade family will allow you to act so recklessly!”

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