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Chapter 733

Donald was very furious and he glared at the five men who were kneeling on the ground before he asked coldly, “Which one of you did it? Or did the five of you do it together?”

Jones was instantly frightened when he saw the killing intent in Donald’s eyes. He hurriedly said, “Mr. Webb, you cannot blame us for this matter! We already tried to explain to the lobby manager and the security guards that we were working for the Webb family. However, they insisted that we were all dressed inappropriately and said that we were not allowed to enter Shangri-La. I was simply very anxious to come up to report the matter to you. That is the reason why we clashed with the security guards and broke into the hotel…”

Donald was extremely angry when he heard Jones’s explanation. He gave him a tight slap across his face as he said, “You are really a bunch of good-for-nothing! Do you think that the Shangri-La hotel is a place that you can break into any time you want?! You keep telling me that you were simply doing everything for the sake of the Webb family. Did you really think that you were doing this for the Webb family? I asked you to do such a small thing, and you could not even handle it well, but instead, you caused me so much trouble! Tell me, what is the point of me keeping you by my side, then?”

Then, Donald quickly said, “Mr. Cameron, I know now that these five bastards must have offended you. I will allow you to punish them in any way that you deem fit.“

In truth, Donald could not wait for Isaac to drag these five men away and get rid of them on his behalf.

They were nothing but five useless pieces of trash to him now anyway. If he allowed them to continue living in this world, they would only be costing him a lot more money.

Of course, Isaac knew exactly what was going on in Donald’s mind at this time. Instead of satisfying his wishful thinking, Isaac replied coldly, “Donald, are you truly their boss? Why wouldn’t you be protecting or defending your own men after they did wrong? Why are you selling your own people out? Don’t you think that the Webb family is too incompetent? If word about this gets out to the public, how is the Webb family going to face the public in the future?”

Donald was shocked.

Whatever did Isaac mean? He was already more than willing to hand over the five men to him so that he could deal with them as he pleased. So, why was he still refusing to let him go?

However, Donald did not dare to yell at Isaac. He could only suppress the anger and frustration that he was feeling in his heart as he walked toward Isaac and apologized. “Mr. Cameron, this matter is all my fault. I did not teach and discipline my men well. Please accept my most sincere apology!”

After that, Donald continued speaking, “In order to express my sincerity, I am willing to offer ten million dollars for the medical expenses and psychiatric compensation for all of your injured employees. I hope that you will be able to accept my apology and forgive the Webb family for our mistake. What do you think about this?”

In his opinion, even though Isaac was the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill, he was still the second generation heir of the Webb family after all. Since he had already offered to pay them a compensation of ten million dollars, he thought that the other party would definitely agree to accept his apology and forget about this matter. After all, Donald did not believe that Isaac would actually want to cause conflict and disharmony with the Webb family just because of this trivial matter.

Unexpectedly, Isaac had a very cold and stern expression on his face as he said, “Do you really think that the powerful and dignified Wade family actually cares about ten million dollars? According to your statement, I could ask someone to beat you and your son up right now. After that, this matter will be resolved as soon as I give twenty million dollars to Lord Webb who is currently in Southaven. Am I right? Do you agree with me?”

The expression on Donald’s face was very ugly when he heard Isaac’s words.

He never expected Isaac to be so difficult to please!

His clueless subordinates simply beat up a lobby manager because of their disagreement. What was the big deal?

Besides, the other party did not suffer from any serious injuries. Was Isaac really going to torment him and push him into a dead end just because of this matter?

If it was another person who had come to challenge Donald with Isaac’s attitude, he would have already asked someone to cut him up into pieces!

After all, he was the second generation heir of the Webb family who was the top family in the whole South Region! How could he be so seriously wronged?

Whatever it was, Donald did not dare to offend Isaac. After all, he was still the spokesperson of the Wade family in Aurous Hill.

As the second generation heir of the Webb family, if Donald picked a fight with Isaac, this would mean that the Webb family was directly provoking and challenging the authority of the Wade family.

If he acted that way, he would definitely bring great trouble and catastrophe upon the entire Webb family!

If the Wade family from Eastcliff declared war on them because they had offended them, the Webb family was bound to fall into an abyss!

Donald could only endure the anger and hatred that he was feeling in his heart, lowering himself as he smiled and said, “Mr. Cameron, I said the wrong thing. I will apologize to you now. Please accept my humble apology and do not take my words to heart.”

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