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Chapter 732

Donald yelled out in pain as he fell to the ground. He could not help but feel panic in his heart.

Sean who was standing next to him subconsciously yelled, “Hey! Who gave you the right to hit my father?”

Isaac strode toward Sean before punching him directly in his nose. After Sean’s face was covered in blood, Isaac yelled, “Even your father has to be respectful and polite to me. Who do you think you are? You actually dare to talk to me in this manner?! Are you that tired of living? Do you believe that I can take your life right now?”

“You are really asking to die!” Sean had already lived so long, and he had never been reprimanded or beaten up before. However, he had already been beaten up twice today.

First, Charlie had broken one of his wrists. Now, Isaac actually had also broken his nose with a single punch.

He had been a spoiled and arrogant brat ever since he was a child. That being said, how could he possibly tolerate this?

Sean roared angrily, “Do you think you are that great just because you are the Wade family’s dog? Do you really think you are that great?! Do you know that the Webb family is the top and most powerful family in the South Region? I can just take your life right now if I wanted to!”

As soon as Sean’s voice fell, Donald rushed over to him and gave him a tight slap across his face. Then, Donald cursed angrily at Sean, “Bastard! How dare you talk to Mr. Cameron in that disrespectful manner?! Kneel and apologize to Mr. Cameron for your mistakes right now!”

Donald was really shocked by Sean’s behavior.

He truly could not understand how his son could be so useless. Couldn’t he tell the severity of the situation?

Even if Isaac was really just the Wade family’s dog, he essentially still had the Wade family to support and back him up!

Who was the Wade family?

The Wade family was one of the top three families in the whole country!

In terms of financial resources, the Webb family might not even have one-tenth of the wealth owned by the Wade family.

This was because the Wade family had trillions of dollars in wealth. However, no one could figure out whether it was one trillion or nine trillion dollars.

After all, the Wade family was a huge colossus that no ordinary person could simply understand!

In terms of power and status, the Wade family was also far more powerful and influential as compared to the Webb family!

This meant that the Webb family would not be able to do anything at all even if Isaac ordered both of them to be killed right at this moment!

At that time, even Lord Webb might not be able to hold a funeral or have a proper burial for him and his son. Instead, Lord Webb would have to go to Eastcliff to plead guilty and ask for forgiveness on behalf of the Wade family!

Yet, Sean actually dared to yell at Isaac? Wasn’t he simply seeking his own death?

After getting slapped by his father, Sean suddenly realized that he had caused a catastrophe. Therefore, he quickly knelt in front of Isaac and kowtowed as he begged for mercy. “I am sorry, Mr. Cameron. I am truly sorry! I was too impulsive. Please forgive me. I deserve to die!”

After he was done speaking, Sean started slapping himself in the face.

At this time, Isaac walked up to Sean before he kicked him in his chest. After kicking him to the ground, Isaac stepped on Sean’s face directly before he said coldly, “Young man, you actually have the guts to offend the Wade family? Do you believe that I will make the Webb family go extinct?”

Sean’s face was already swollen because he had been slapping himself in the face, and since Isaac was now stepping on his face, he could not even speak clearly anymore. Sean could only beg desperately, “Mr. Cameron, I was wrong. You can beat me up and scold me as much as you want. Please do not take my actions to heart…”

Donald could not help but feel very distressed when he saw his son getting beaten up like this. Therefore, he quickly asked, “Mr. Cameron, I have always had the utmost heartfelt respect for you. Please tell me if we have done anything to make you feel so dissatisfied with us. If someone from the Webb family has really done something wrong, I will be more than willing to accept your punishment. However, you have to let me understand what is going on!”

Isaac sneered before he said, “Your heartfelt respect? Did you ask your bodyguards to rush into my Shangri-La lobby to beat up my men and hurt my people because you have so much respect for me? So, does that mean that you are going to beat me up as well if you do not have any respect for me?

Donald was in shock at this time!


His bodyguards had actually beat up Isaac’s men in the lobby of the Shangri-La hotel?

Who would do this kind of thing?

As he thought about this, Donald’s cold glare fell on Jones and the rest of his bodyguards.

Needless to say, Donald knew that it must be one of these five men who caused this huge catastrophe!

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