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Chapter 730

Charlie nodded slightly.

After that, his father-in-law went and smoked his cigarette. So, Charlie sat in his car as he answered the phone call.

After the phone call was connected, Isaac hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, I heard that you had a conflict with the bodyguards from the Webb family?”

Charlie nodded slightly before he said, “Your information is really quite timely!”

Isaac hurriedly replied, “Mr. Wade, I heard that these five people were causing a scene and making trouble at Shangri-La. I only found out about this matter after sending someone to investigate and check it out.”

After that, Isaac quickly explained what had happened when Jones and the other bodyguards had arrived at Shangri-La.

After listening to Isaac’s words, Charlie replied coldly, “Those five dogs. I never expected them not to learn their lesson at all. I thought that they would have learned their lesson and tried to be more low-key in the future. However, I really did not expect them to use their legs to cause trouble after losing their arms!”

Isaac hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, both the father and son from the Webb family are currently staying at Shangri-La. What do you want me to do with them? All you have to do is simply give me an order, and I will get it done immediately!”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Alright, then. The first thing I would like you to do is to go to their rooms and break the legs of the five bodyguards! I doubt that they will still be able to cause trouble after all of their arms and legs are broken.”

Isaac blurted out, “Alright, young master. What else should I do?”

Charlie replied, “We will also have to deal with Donald and Sean. However, I do not plan to kill them for the time being. Still, we should not let them off just like that. Help me break one of their legs each before you drive them out of Aurous Hill!”

“Okay!” Isaac said immediately, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry. I will get everything done perfectly for you!”

After that, Isaac asked again, “By the way, Mr. Wade, should I explain everything clearly to them so that they know who they have provoked?”

“No, there’s no need for you to do that,” Charlie replied. “If they find out about my true identity, they will definitely give up and stop trying to get their revenge on me. That would be too boring then.”

After that, Charlie continued speaking, “Remember that the reason why you are dealing with them and teaching them a lesson this time is simply due to the fact that the bodyguards caused a scene at Shangri-La and ruined the Wade family’s reputation and face.”

Isaac quickly replied, “I understand, Mr. Wade!”

“Alright then, you can get to work immediately.”

At this time, in the presidential suite, Donald had a black face as he looked at the five dogs kneeling in front of him!

He not only hated the fact that these five pieces of trash could not even handle Charlie who had been on his own, but he also hated the words that were carved on the foreheads of these five men.

Damn it. This was a complete insult to the Webb family!

Donald spoke to Jones coldly, “I will arrange for a plastic surgeon to perform cosmetic surgery on the five of you. I will ask the plastic surgeon to cut off all the skin on your forehead before transplanting the skin from other parts of your body to your foreheads instead. If we do that, we should be able to completely remove all of those words from your foreheads!”

Jones nodded hurriedly before he said in a trembling voice, “Thank you, Mr. Webb…”

Donald used to have some form of respect for Jones, but now, he just felt that the latter was an eyesore that was not pleasing to his eyes at all.

Therefore, Donald said coldly, “I will arrange for a new group of bodyguards to be transferred here from the Webb family. After that, the five of you can just disband on the spot.”

“You want us to be disbanded on the spot?!” Jones blurted out. “Mr. Webb, do you mean to say that you’re going to fire us?”

Donald frowned as he asked, “Otherwise? Should I retain you as my bodyguards? How could you possibly still work as a bodyguard when you are already a cripple?!”

Jones replied, “Mr. Webb, the five of us have already worked for you for such a long time! We have even killed so many people for you. Besides, all of us have suffered all sorts of injuries and prevented so many disasters from happening to the Webb family. The reason why Charlie broke all of our arms today was also because of you. So, how could you simply fire and get rid of us just because we’re in trouble?”

Donald retorted, “Why? Did you really expect me to give all of you pensions instead of firing you?”

Then, Donald said with a disgusted look on his face, “Stop talking about all this useless nonsense in front of me. I will give each of you five hundred thousand dollars as a severance pay. If you know how to appreciate it, you will leave as soon as you get the money. However, if you do not know what is good for yourselves, I will not be polite to you either!”

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