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Chapter 728

Sean subconsciously took a few steps back. After that, Jones and the rest of their men gathered up
all their courage and they had a downcast expression on their faces as they entered the presidential suite like defeated dogs, with their lowered heads and broken arms!

Donald was stunned when he saw the five men walking into his room. He lost his grip of the teacup in his hand and dropped it to the ground in shock…

Donald stared at the five men in shock and was dumbfounded. “You… you… what happened?! What happened to your foreheads? Why is it all bloodied and covered in blood? This… why does it look like someone has written something on your foreheads?”

Since the five men had their heads lowered, it was rather difficult for Donald to make out the words that were carved on their foreheads.

Jones immediately took a step forward and plopped down to the ground with a thud as he knelt in front of Donald and said sincerely, “Mr. Webb, I am sorry for not getting things done! Please give me the punishment as you deem fit!”

Donald could not help but feel very shocked and horrified when he saw his five men in such a pathetic and miserable state. The expression on his face changed immediately as he asked, “What happened? Explain everything clearly to me now!”

Jones continued kneeling on the ground as he kowtowed and cried out loud, “Mr. Webb, we went with Mr. Lloyd to deal with Don Albert as you ordered us to. After entering Heaven Springs, we had already successfully subdued Don Albert and Charlie’s father-in-law. However, who would have expected Charlie to suddenly rush in…”

As he spoke about this, Jones wept bitterly as he said, “Mr. Webb, Charlie is truly a very strong and formidable opponent. I am absolutely no match for him. In truth, the five of us could not even touch him or lay a single blow on him at all. Charlie not only crippled all of our arms, but he also engraved some words on our foreheads…”

Donald was shocked when he heard Jones’s words!

Charlie was even more formidable than Jones?! Was he even human?

He trembled in disbelief as he asked, “Even five of you could not deal with that useless Charlie? That useless piece of trash… is he really that strong?”

As he spoke, Donald suddenly thought about the words that were engraved on his bodyguards’ foreheads, and he hurriedly asked, “Engraved some words? What kind of words did he engrave on your foreheads? Raise your head and let me have a look!”

Jones and the rest of his men hesitated for a moment. They were all very scared, but they did not dare to defy Donald’s orders. Therefore, they could only slowly raise their heads with a miserable expression on their faces!

Donald and Sean, could not help but feel extremely furious when they saw the words that were engraved on their bodyguards’ foreheads!

Sean Webb Dumb Ass!

Their faces turned dark as soon as they saw all the humiliating insults carved into their bodyguards’ foreheads!

Donald had already lived for so long and had already seen and witnessed all kinds of methods that were used to punish a person. He had also seen a lot of tragic corpses, but he had never witnessed anything like this before!

This… this was too fucking cruel!

It was already bad and humiliating enough to have words engraved on their foreheads, but the words that Charlie engraved on their foreheads were all so insulting!

This honestly made Donald’s body go rigid as he was numbed with fear!

Donald became very flustered, and he asked angrily, “Was all of this done by that piece of trash, Charlie?”

Jones knelt on the ground before he said, “Charlie was the one who asked Don Albert to carve these words on our foreheads. He also asked me to relay a message to you. He said that you could target him and come at him if you want to, but if you dare to do anything to the people around him, the Webb family will be doomed eternally because he will never let the Webb family off so easily.”

Sean could not help but feel extremely furious after listening to Jones’s words. He gritted his teeth as he said, “Dad, I cannot believe that Charlie dares to say that he will put the Webb family in everlasting perdition based on his own ability! He is just too much! We will be letting the Webb family down if we do not kill him!”

The expression on Donald’s face was very cold as he said, “Do you really think that it is so easy to kill him? These five men are already crippled. Both of us are now in Aurous Hill without a single bodyguard to protect us at all! How are we going to fight and deal with Charlie if he suddenly shows up at our door?”

Sean who had been acting tough suddenly turned pale in shock as he said, “Dad, why don’t we run away now?”

Donald glared at him before he said in dissatisfaction, “Why are you panicking? This is Shangri-La! This is the property of the Wade family from Eastcliff. I don’t believe that that piece of trash, Charlie, actually dares to come here and cause trouble for us. If he dares to do that, the Wade family will not let him off just like that!”

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