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Chapter 717

Marcus quickly took over Mr. Lloyd’s remark and exclaimed, “So, if I go to the Webb family, will the old coot want me to be his sugar daddy?”

Mr. Lloyd snapped his fingers. “Aha! You don’t say, I think it’s very likely!”

Marcus quickly said, “But, Dad, it isn’t okay! If the old coot calls us both dads, what about our generational difference?”

Mr. Lloyd thought for a moment and answered, “Yes, what you said is true. I’ll be his sugar grandpa then, is that alright?”

Marcus grinned coyly. “Sounds good to me!”

Mr. Lloyd said, “In fact, everyone in the Webb family has some sort of fetish. Kian Webb loves eating shit, the old coot loves collecting sugar daddies, even Donald Webb has a fetish too.”

“Really?” Marcus asked, “What is it? Does he like eating that sort of thing too?”

“No,” Mr. Lloyd answered, “I heard that he was a cuckold when he was young.”

“Cuckold? What does it mean?”

“It means he has an adulterous wife and he enjoys it! In fact, the more men his wife sleeps around with, the more aroused he is!”

Marcus gasped in shock, “Wow! Is it?”

“Of course!” Mr. Lloyd chuckled stiffly and said, “I heard that he had a particularly lofty dream when he was young.”

“What was it?”

“He wanted his wife to sleep with 10,000 men and he didn’t allow her to miss even one!”

Marcus counted with his fingers and said, “Dad, there are 365 days in a year. If his wife slept with one man a day, she had to sleep around for 30 years! More importantly, his wife can’t take a day off!”

Mr. Lloyd laughed and said, “See, this is where you don’t get it. Who says that she can only sleep with one man per day? Sometimes she slept with many men in a day, or even multiple men in one go!”

Marcus gulped and then sighed with a thumbs up. “Wow, the Webb family is really awesome!”

Then, he asked, “By the way, Dad, does Sean Webb have any fetishes?”

“Him?” Mr. Lloyd laughed and said, “He is the best in his family!”

Marcus asked curiously, “Why?”

Mr. Lloyd smiled mysteriously and said, “Actually, that son of a bitch is gay!”

“What?” Marcus exclaimed, “Sean Webb is gay?!”

“Yes!” Mr. Lloyd blurted, “He is not only gay but also a power bottom! You know, the one who aggressively enjoys being penetrated. Let me tell you, you always see him so cocky and pompous, don’t you? Actually, behind closed doors, he immediately turns into a perverted pillow biter! Rumors had it that he loves making out with strong brawny men and enjoys multiple partners in one go too! Isn’t that awesome?”

Then, he added, “By the way, do you know Donald and Sean’s bodyguard by the name of Jones? He’s one hell of a character! Previously, he was the incredible hitman who had killed many people and then worked under the Webb family as their personal bodyguard, bringing along four buddies. It just so happens that the man is gay and the type that Sean likes, so Sean and the five dudes do the deed all day long! They are having the time of their lives!”

“Oh my goodness!” Marcus shrieked, “I didn’t know that there are so many absurd fetishes among the Webb family! I’m so ignorant!”

Mr. Lloyd laughed and said, “As a conclusion, among the Webb family, they are all perverts and animals!”

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