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Chapter 713

Don Albert had seen the Rejuvenating Pill at Lord Moore’s birthday banquet and he had also witnessed first-hand how amazing it was.

However, he did not dare hope that he could be granted such a precious chance.

Hence, although he felt as if he had taken the miraculous pill, he was so shocked at the moment that he wasn’t even sure if it had happened for real.

Charlie smiled gently and said as he shushed him with his glance, “This is your chance, indulge in it.”

Don Albert burst into tears immediately!

He knew instantly that Master Wade was giving him the rare chance that he dared not dream of!

Never would he imagine that the rare chance would be descended upon him when he had almost died in the previous second!

The Rejuvenating Pill!

The rarest chance that he didn’t even dare to dream of, which came uninvited!

At this moment, Don Albert’s loyalty to Charlie was off the charts!

He even felt that Charlie had blessed him with his second life, and from now on, every second of his extended life would be for Charlie.

Therefore, he vowed that he would devote himself to Master Wade because without him, he would already be dead!

As Don Albert’s body quickly recovered, he got up, knelt before Charlie, and said, “Master Wade, thank you for your help! From now on, my life is yours!”

Charlie smiled. “Okay, get up now!”

Don Albert stood up after his command. Then, he looked around and found that Mr. Lloyd and Marcus were kneeling not far from them, and the five men including Jones were lying lifelessly on the floor. He couldn’t help sighing—Master Wade’s strength was truly unfathomable!

With so many people in the room, no one could hurt Master Wade, not even one bit!

He sucked in a breath and asked, “Master Wade, what do you plan to do with these people? Do you want to kill them? Or…”

Charlie chuckled and said, “Come on, let’s have a court trial and convict them!”

“Court trial?” Don Albert asked in surprise and confusion, “Master Wade, what do you mean?”

“A court trial, you know, like the one The Scarecrow did in the Batman movie.”

Don Albert nodded knowingly. He moved a chair to him and said with a cheeky smile, “Master Wade, please sit down and let’s start the session!”

Charlie laughed gleefully. He sat on the chair, pointed at Mr. Lloyd and Marcus, and said coldly, “Defendants Mr. Lloyd and Marcus Lloyd, you are the Webb family’s dogs who tried to kill me. What’s your conviction?”

The father and son wailed desperately and pleaded, “Master Wade, please forgive us, Master Wade…we were just taking orders…”

Charlie smiled indifferently and said, “Okay, since you are the victims, I’ll spare you from the death penalty!”

They burst into grateful tears when they heard it.

Then, Charlie continued, “However, you can’t get away so easily! If you want to live, I have to see your performance!”

“Yes, absolutely, Master Wade! We will be your loyal servants forever!”

Charlie waved his hand. “No, I don’t want you to be my servants.”

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