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Chapter 710

Jones’s left shoulder bone was totally shattered, with only a layer of skin and flesh that connected his left arm to his shoulder. His left arm hung lifelessly by his side while he looked extremely shocked and bewildered!

He was the king of special forces with extraordinary strength! He did not have an opponent in the military!

With his pride and strength, he wouldn’t even consider being someone’s bodyguard if it wasn’t for the Webb family’s irresistible salary package.

Jones had never been defeated for so many years. However, when Charlie came head-first towards him, his left arm was disabled! What kind of power did Charlie possess?! It was out of this world!

Charlie grinned at the horrified Jones and asked, “Why? Are you scared?”

Jones took a step back, startled, and asked, “Who are you? Why are you so powerful?”

Charlie said in a flat tone, “Who am I? I’m someone you should never mess with!”

Jones gritted his teeth in despair and shouted to his boys, “Go, kill him!”

The four men immediately rushed forward and Jones joined them as well even with his disabled left arm!

The five brawny men surrounded Charlie, murderous looks on their faces!

However, they couldn’t help feeling cautious and solemn!

They saw what he had done to Jones earlier. Jones couldn’t even attempt an effective defense when Charlie came to him and it proved that he was much more powerful than all of them!

Therefore, the only hope they had was to join forces to beat Charlie!

The proud grin never left Charlie’s face. He said indifferently, “A bunch of useless dogs.”

The next moment, Charlie fought fiercely with the five men, moving around like The Flash!

However, Charlie’s speed, strength, and explosive power were much stronger than all of them combined! They had absolutely no power or strategy to fight against Charlie at all!

A series of crackling sounds and the shrill screams echoed through the room.

These five men constantly felt that they were being hit hard on their bodies!

One guy felt a sudden punch on his chest and several ribs broke in an instant!

One guy’s arm snapped like a branch, similar to what Jones had experienced!

One guy suffered an even worse attack. Charlie smashed his chin with a punch, the remaining pile of broken bones and rotten flesh hanging to his lower lip, looking awfully horrifying!

Jones was equally miserable. He suffered heavy blows in the abdomen and crouched on the floor like a dead dog!

He was completely stunned and frightened!

Before today, he had never thought that someone would be so strong that he could crush him effortlessly!

And now, he, who had rarely met an even opponent for many years, finally understood the fact that there would be always someone better than him out there!

To him, Charlie was the most terrifying existence to date! He was the real ant in front of Charlie!

On the other hand, Mr. Lloyd and Marcus could only watch the scene in horror and fright!

They had never thought, not even in their dreams, that Jones would be defeated by Charlie with just a few punches and kicks!

It wasn’t only him but also his four brawny men who were crouching on the floor, whimpering and crying!

Charlie stepped heavily on Jones’s chest, breaking a few ribs in the process. He glared at Jones as the terrified man spit a few mouthfuls of blood and asked coldly, “Now tell me, who’s the real ant?!”

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