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Chapter 708

When Charlie entered Heaven Springs, he found all the waitresses and security guards lying on the floor.

Charlie approached them to investigate and realized that they lost consciousness. There were large bruises on their necks as if someone had struck them vigorously with their hands.

‘Hmm, it looks like they are skillful and powerful!’ Charlie frowned, the truth slowly sinking in.

Then, he moved his legs and went upstairs!

At this moment, Don Albert was on the verge of dying, his eyes slowly turned white.

On the other side of the suite, Mr. Lloyd and Marcus exchanged glances.

Marcus took a dagger from his belt and said coldly as he looked at Jacob who was trembling in the corner, “Since Jones has Don Albert under control, I’ll deal with this bastard Jacob!”

“Dad, grab him, I want to carve ‘pathetic jerk’s father-in-law’ on his forehead!”

Mr. Lloyd nodded with a vile smile, “Yes! Do it! Carve with all your strength, carve until you hit his skull!”

Jacob was so frightened, he felt as if his soul almost left his body. “I’m innocent, why do you treat me like this?!”

“Innocent?!” Marcus strode directly towards Jacob and slapped him hard across the face.

“You fucking old man! How dare you say you’re innocent when your son-in-law humiliated me?! Let me tell you, not only will I carve the words on your forehead but I will also fucking kill you! Let your fucking son-in-law watch you die!”

Marcus’s knife was extremely sharp and Jacob burst into frightful tears as the murderous reflection shone from the sharp blade.

He didn’t know what else to do but to yell, “Don Albert, Don Albert, help!”

Don Albert was on the verge of death now and he had almost lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen. When he heard Jacob’s cry for help, he mustered the last bit of strength and muttered, “Mr. Wilson, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault for dragging you into this, I’m sorry! I’m gonna go soon!”

Jones sneered with a chilling expression, “Don Albert, I’m impressed that you can hold on this long, but I’d suggest you not to hold on anymore. Otherwise, it will only bring you more suffering!”

Don Albert’s face started to turn black and purple, but he still roared hoarsely, “I won’t die so easily! Even if I do, I’ll haunt you!”

“Oh?” Jones smirked as if he had heard a joke, “Then I’ll wait for you to find me tonight as a ghost and then I’ll kill you again!”

Don Albert managed a smile and said, “Huh, Master Wade will avenge my death! I’ll walk slowly towards the light and wait for you to join me!”

“You’re too noisy!”

Jones snorted. “Your Master Wade is nothing but trash to me!”

Then, he continued, “However, you really have to walk slowly towards the light as I’ll soon send Master Wade to keep you company! Then, you won’t be lonely on your way to hell!”

“You?!” Don Albert laughed sinisterly, “You don’t even know how powerful Master Wade is. You’re worse than trash to him!”

“Fuck you!” Jones’s grin disappeared. “You can keep your mouth shut now. If you have anything to say, go and talk to Hades!”

Immediately, he increased his strength a little bit and Don Albert was instantly choked out of breath. Every last bit of his energy and spirit began slipping out of his body and he was almost on his last breath.

Marcus giggled vilely, “It’s so cool! I’ll get my revenge after killing Don Albert and Charlie’s father-in-law tonight and Charlie tomorrow!”

Mr. Lloyd held down Jacob’s head and urged, “Hurry, Marcus! I want to take a picture as a souvenir when you’re done!”

“Alright!” Marcus grinned, the tip of the knife touching Jacob’s forehead.

Meanwhile, Don Albert’s eyes were completely rolled up. He was almost dead.

Right at this moment, the door was suddenly busted open!

Jacob saw the incoming person and cried out loud, “Charlie, my dear son-in-law! I would have perished if you had come in a second later!”

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