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Chapter 707

When Mr. Lloyd and the gang barged into the Diamond Suite, Charlie was on his way to Heaven Springs, driving Jacob’s BMW.

He had not planned to go out so early, but there was an annoyance in the house—Elaine.

She couldn’t stop nagging him. First, she nagged about how wasteful Jacob was to have spent twenty grand on dinner instead of cosmetics for her and some mahjong rounds with her friends.

Then, she diverted her nagging attention to Charlie, disliking him for not earning a living outside and staying at home mooching off them.

She became more and more energetic as she went on her nagging spree, insisting on introducing Charlie to a job as a security guard in the parking lot with a monthly salary of three thousand dollars a month and insisting that he give her all his salary when he received it.

Charlie knew that Elaine’s pocket was as clean as a whistle after the scam and that she couldn’t afford any lavish expenses like she used to, so she could only spend most of her time at home, sulking and nagging constantly.

She was in a bad mood and found Charlie extremely unpleasant.

It just so happened that Charlie was the only one at home besides her since Jacob and Claire were not home yet, so Elaine kept nagging at him which irritated Charlie to the max. Hence, he decided to get out of the house early, as he would rather wait in the car than listen to her annoying nagging.

It was earlier than the suggested time when Charlie arrived at Heaven Springs, so he parked the car at the entrance and listened to music to pass the time while waiting for his father-in-law.

According to the initial plan, it was to wait for Jacob’s call after he was done and to pick him up.

But after waiting for a while, he realized that something was wrong.

There would usually be two guards and two waitresses waiting by the entrance of Heaven Springs, with the guards in charge of the security while the waitresses welcomed the guests.

However, there was no one at the entrance today and a ‘closed’ sign hung on it.

“What’s going on?” Charlie mumbled. Did Don Albert reserve the whole restaurant for Jacob, knowing that he was coming today?

That was very insightful and thoughtful of him!

Just as he thought so, he saw a group of panicked old men running out of Heaven Springs as if their lives depended on it.

Charlie frowned in utter confusion.

These men looked about the same age as Jacob and each of them had scared and anxious looks on their faces as if something horrible happened inside.

Thus, Charlie hurriedly got out of the car, stopped one of the men, and asked, “Sir, what’s going on?”

It was Mr. Price.

He was shivering in fear, and shouted, “There is a murder upstairs!”

Charlie’s heart skipped a beat in surprise!


What the hell?!

Did something happen inside Heaven Springs?!

He quickly marched forward and sprinted into the restaurant.

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