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Chapter 691

As Jasmine, Xyla, Charlie, and Anthony were talking about Kian’s affair, Charlie’s father-in-law, Jacob, was dressed in a suit as he happily walked out of his house and took a cab to Heaven Springs.

Since he was going to enjoy a little wine tonight, Jacob left his BMW at home. He had already given Charlie his car keys so Charlie could drive to Heaven Springs to pick him up after his dinner.

Jacob has no other hobbies during this period and he simply enjoyed studying antiques, cultural relics, and calligraphy and painting. That was the reason why he joined the Calligraphy and Painting Association.

The reason why Jacob decided to buy everyone dinner tonight was because he wanted to contest for the position of the standing director of the association.

In order to show his respect for the leaders of the association, he deliberately took the twenty thousand dollars that Charlie had transferred to him before he booked a bronze room at Heaven Springs.

Even though this was the cheapest room in Heaven Springs, it was still much better than all the other restaurants in the city.

When Jacob arrived at Heaven Springs, Don Albert was still on his way there.

The waiter did not know Jacob’s identity so he led Jacob directly to the bronze room that he has reserved for the night.

When Jacob saw that no one else had arrived yet, he started to calm down a little as he was not in a hurry. He simply sat in his seat as he waited patiently for his guests to arrive.

A few minutes later, someone pushed the door of the private room open. At this time, a middle-aged man who was about the same age as Jacob stepped into the room.

After seeing Jacob, the middle-aged man walked up to him before he smiled and said, “You’re early, Brother Jacob! When did you arrive?”

Jacob hurriedly replied, “Brother David, I’ve already been waiting here for a short while now. Since the president and executive directors are all going to participate in this dinner that I am hosting tonight, I feel very honored and excited. That is the reason why I’ve come here earlier to wait for everyone to arrive.”

The middle-aged man was David Phillips, one of the standing directors of the Calligraphy and Painting Association.

He shared a very good relationship with Jacob as the both of them enjoyed looking up antiques, and calligraphy and paintings. Therefore, they would often walk and look around Antique Street together and they eventually became very close friends.

When David heard that Jacob wanted to compete for the position of the executive director, he was the first to stand up and support Jacob’s decision.

Furthermore, the reason why many of the leaders and committee members of the association agreed to attend the dinner hosted by Jacob today was because they were all giving David face.

When David saw how polite Jacob was, he could not help but laugh as he said, “Jacob, you’re being too polite!”

At this time, Jacob hurriedly gestured at David before he said, “Brother David, please have a seat!”

David was not in a hurry to sit down. Since the other guests had not arrived yet, David took this opportunity to give Jacob a reminder in a low voice, “Brother Jacob, I’m naturally more than happy that you are interested in becoming a standing director. However, other people in the association might not necessarily feel the same way!”

When Jacob heard David’s words, he felt a little worried and he quickly said, “Brother David, please tell me more.”

David sighed before he said, “The position of the executive director has always been very popular as this is a very authoritative and respected position. Besides that, the executive director of our association would always receive appearance fees of tens of thousands of dollars whenever they participate in any antique programs. Therefore, many people are aiming for the position of the executive director.”

David continued speaking, “Let’s take Samuel Yount for instance. I heard that he has been bribing the chairman and the other directors recently. He has also given them a lot of gifts in private. In my opinion, he’s currently your biggest competitor!”

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