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Chapter 689

At this time, the energetic Lord Moore brought a group of Moore family members with him to give Charlie a toast.

The group of people followed closely behind Lord Moore as they greeted Master Wade respectfully.

Charlie stood up and picked up his wine glass before he said, “Lord Moore, you don’t have to be so polite with me. I wish to give you a toast with this glass of wine and I wish you a long and healthy life!”

After he was done speaking, Charlie raised his head before he finished the glass of wine. After that, he said, “I am going to the Serene Medical Clinic to see Anthony after this so I will leave in a short while.”

Lord Moore sighed before he said, “Oh, it is really sad to see Dr. Simmons’ medical hall being smashed and destroyed. I should also go over and take a look myself. However, there are still so many guests at the scene here today so I really can’t get away…”

Charlie nodded slightly before he smiled and said, “Lord Moore, it’s your birthday today, so it’s only natural for you to stay back and enjoy this special day with everyone. I have already called Xyla earlier and she told me that they were both not injured in the incident. Only the clinic was smashed badly. Therefore, you don’t need to worry at all.”

Lord Moore hurriedly replied, “Alright then. Master Wade, why don’t you allow Jasmine to accompany you then? After all, Jasmine is the one who picked you up today so it isn’t really convenient for you to go over to Dr. Simmons’ clinic on your own.”

Charlie did not turn down Lord Moore’s request and he simply nodded in agreement. After that, Charlie turned around and told the several people seated around his table, “Dear friends, please eat and drink well. I will take my leave first.”

Everyone got up to see Charlie off but after Charlie gestured at them, they quickly sat back in their seat, one after the other.

As Charlie was leaving the banquet hall, he instructed Don Albert, “Don Albert, it seems like my father-in-law has plans to have dinner at Heaven Springs tonight. If you’re going to Heaven Springs tonight, please help me to take good care of him. If you aren’t going over there tonight, then please help me inform the person-in-charge to look after him and take care of him on my behalf.”

Don Albert hurriedly replied, “Don’t worry, Master Wade. I will usually be at Heaven Springs at night. I will make sure to take good care of your father-in-law when he arrives tonight.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded before he said, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Don Albert said, “Master Wade, why are you so polite with me? This is simply what I should be doing!”

In Charlie’s eyes, his father-in-law, Jacob, was actually a pretty good person. In fact, after getting to know some things about his past, Charlie felt that his father-in-law was actually very pitiful. Therefore, he instinctively wanted to take better care of him.

After bidding farewell to everyone, Charlie stepped out of the Moore family mansion accompanied by Jasmine.

Jasmine led Charlie all the way to her car before she personally opened the car door for Charlie. Jasmine only got into the car after making sure that Charlie was already seated inside the car.

As soon as she got into the car, Jasmine looked at Charlie with a grateful expression on her face as she said sincerely, “Master Wade, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done today…”

Charlie smiled slightly before he said, “Jasmine, you don’t have to thank me. I gave the Rejuvenating Pill to your grandfather so it’s already more than enough for him to thank me.”

Jasmine hurriedly said, “Master Wade, I am not just thanking you for that. I am feeling very grateful and I am thanking you for what you said to my grandpa earlier…”

Jasmine was very grateful to Charlie, mainly because of what Charlie said to Lord Moore.

This was because Jasmine had lost her parents when she was still a young child. Even though she was brought up very well in the Moore family, she rarely received any family affection as she was growing up. Jasmine had never experienced what it felt like to be taken care of and protected by others at all times.

However, Charlie had actually spoken up for her just now and he even gave her all the credit for the Rejuvenating Pill that he has given to her grandfather. Jasmine knew that the reason why Charlie did that was because he wanted to help her to establish her position in the Moore family. To Jasmine, it felt as though Charlie was protecting her in general, and this filled her heart with a kind of warmth and affection that she has never experienced in her life before.

It had not been easy for her to live and grow up in the Moore family on her own.

Charlie looked at Jasmine before he smiled slightly and said, “I honestly think that you are the most suitable candidate from the third generation of the Moore family to inherit the Moore family. As for your cousin, I honestly feel that he isn’t suited to run the family at all. If your grandfather decides to hand the Moore family over to him, then everything will definitely go downhill for the Moore family.”

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