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Chapter 688

At this time, at Lord Moore’s birthday banquet, Charlie was waiting for the banquet to officially begin. He wanted to offer a toast to Lord Moore so that he could make a trip to Anthony’s Serene Medical Clinic to take a look at the situation there.

As they sat around the dinner table, Zeke, Graham, Aurora, Don Albert, Liam, and even Doris were all looking at Charlie with even more admiration and respect than before.

The miraculous effect of the Rejuvenating Pill was really impressive.

However, at this time, none of them has actively mentioned the Rejuvenating Pill in front of Charlie.

Even though Charlie still had about twenty Rejuvenating Pills left, he was not ready to take them out as a gift at this time.

Even though Zeke, Graham and Don Albert were not young, they were all far from reaching old age.

Therefore, Charlie felt that there was no need for them to take the Rejuvenating Pill now.

If they continue working hard and following him in a steady and loyal manner, then he would definitely give each of them a Rejuvenating Pill in the future when the time was right.

At this time, Charlie looked at Liam, who was seated at the dinner table. Since he has not seen him for a few days, he could not help but asked curiously, “How is Weaver Pharmaceuticals doing now?”

Liam hurriedly replied in a respectful manner, “Master Wade, the development of Weaver Pharmaceuticals is going smoothly. I am also organizing and making preparations for some of the older Chinese medicine practitioners and pharmacists to explore and study some of the ancient Chinese prescriptions. I would like to introduce some ancient Chinese medicine into the Western culture.”

As soon as he spoke up, Liam had a regretful expression on his face as he said, “The Chinese ancestors have left behind so many good ancient prescriptions. However, most of them are either lost or have been stolen by pharmaceutical companies from other countries without acknowledging its origins at all. I think that it is a real shame and I really want to do everything in my own capacity to explore the possibilities of introducing ancient Chinese medicine into the pharmaceutical market.”

Charlie nodded slightly before he said approvingly, “I think that it’s an excellent idea. Most of the good things left behind by the Chinese ancestors have all been robbed and taken away by the Japanese and Korean companies to use as their own. If we don’t pay any attention to it, then I’m afraid that all these ancient Chinese prescriptions would end up becoming the bragging right of these small countries.”

As he spoke, Charlie suddenly thought of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in Japan.

In fact, Charlie had cheated more than ten billion dollars out of Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals. Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was at its weakest and most fragile point but Charlie also left a hidden danger for Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals.

Jiro, the second son of the Kobayashi family, thought that his elder brother was already dead. However, he would never be able to imagine that his elder brother, Ichiro, was actually alive and well and he was currently feeding dogs and shoveling shit at Don Albert’s dog farm now.

If Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was at risk of failure, then that would be fine with him. However, if Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was going to continue rising, then Charlie would send Ichiro back to Japan to fight for the rights to take Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals back from Jiro.

As he thought about this, Charlie asked Liam, “How is Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals in Japan currently holding up?”

Liam replied, “Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was facing some problems not too long ago. It seems as though they have lost quite a huge amount of their capital. Therefore, they faced some difficulties in their capital turnover. However, since there are so many hot-selling drugs produced by Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, I believe that they should be able to stabilize and restore their position within a short period of time.”

Charlie nodded as he thought about it.

When Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals was restored to its former glory, he would then arrange for Ichiro to be sent back to Japan so that he could try to take the pharmaceutical company back from his younger brother, Jiro.

That way, Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals would basically belong to him.

Therefore, Charlie told Liam, “If there are any changes or movements in Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, please give me feedback and updates immediately.”

“Okay, Master Wade.” Liam nodded before he said respectfully, “I will definitely pay close attention to it.”

At this time, Charlie suddenly asked, “By the way, how are your father and brother doing on Mount Golim?”

Liam smiled slightly before he said, “Don Albert and I take turns to send people up to Mount Golim to keep an eye on them. I heard that the temperature on Mount Golim has fallen recently and there is a huge amount of snow covering the mountain. Therefore, both of them cannot harvest enough ginseng in time because there is always a short supply. They won’t have enough food or clothing for quite some time.”

Charlie nodded as he said, “It doesn’t matter if they do not have enough food or clothing as long as they don’t die.”

Liam replied immediately, “Master Wade, you can rest assured. Even though I hate both of them to the core, they are still my family no matter what happened in the past. Therefore, I will make sure that they do not die so they can continue reflecting on themselves as they dig for ginseng on Mount Golim for the rest of their lives!”

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