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Chapter 685

Isaac did not know of the conflicts between Donald and Charlie.

As soon as he heard that Donald was here to visit him, he was very respectful and polite as he did not dare to neglect him. Although he was the spokesperson for the Wade family in Aurous Hill, the other party was none other than the eldest son of the top family in the South Region after all. Since Donald has already taken the initiative to come and visit him, Isaac felt that he should also entertain him in a very polite and respectful manner.

Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Please ask Mr. Webb to come to my office now.”

The receptionist did not dare to act slowly and she quickly said to Donald, “Mr. Webb, our chairman, Mr. Cameron, invites you to stop by his office. Please come with me.”

Donald nodded slightly before he followed the receptionist as she brought him to take the chairman’s exclusive elevator to Isaac’s office.

As Donald was the eldest son of the Webb family, he naturally had to live in the best hotel if he had to live in a hotel in Aurous Hill.

It just so happened that the best hotel in Aurous Hill was none other than Shangri-La. Therefore, Donald felt that he should also take advantage of this opportunity to visit Isaac to build up a connection and relationship with him.

When Isaac saw Donald coming into his office, he stood up before he smiled and took the initiative to reach out his hand to shake Donald’s hand. After that, he greeted him immediately, “I heard that you’re usually active in Southaven, Mr. Webb. Why did you decide to come to Aurous Hill this time?”

Donald sighed before he said, “Well, it’s a long story. I don’t know who my youngest son, Kian, has offended and he is down with a very strange illness. The reason why I’m here in Aurous Hill is because I hope to be able to come up with a solution to fix this problem.”

Isaac nodded slightly. Of course, he had also heard about Kian’s condition and had even watched the video that was circulating online. When Isaac suddenly recalled the video that he had seen, he could not help but feel a little nauseous and he retched involuntarily.

Donald also had a very embarrassed expression on his face when he saw Isaac’s involuntarily retching.

Of course, he knew why Isaac was suddenly retching. In fact, to be honest, when he thought about the video of his youngest son, he could not help but feel a little sick and uncomfortable too.

Therefore, Donald quickly changed the subject as he said, “Forget it. The main reason why I’m here today is to visit you, Chairman Cameron. Therefore, let’s not talk about all those upsetting stuff instead. I brought you a gift and I hope you will like it.”

After that, Donald quickly handed over the pot of Big Red Robe tea leaves to Isaac.

“Mr. Cameron, this is the Big Red Robe tea leaves from the mother trees on Mount Woolly. It is one of my most prized possessions and I usually do not offer it to just anyone else. If you enjoy having tea, you will definitely like this a lot.”

Isaac naturally knew how precious the Big Red Robe tea leaves were. Therefore, he quickly waved his hands as he said, “The Big Red Robe tea leaves are so precious and rare in the market nowadays. Moreover, this is one of your most prized possessions, Mr. Webb. So, how can I possibly accept such a precious and valuable pot of Big Red Robe tea leaves from you?”

Donald immediately said, “Mr. Cameron, please do not be so polite with me. You are the spokesperson for the Wade family in Aurous Hill and the South Region. The Webb family has always looked forward to cooperating and building a connection with the Wade family. I will also have to count on you to help me to build up a relationship with the Wade family in the future, Mr. Cameron.”

Isaac quickly waved his hands after listening to Donald’s words. “I am just a subordinate who is working for the Wade family. Everything that I do is just within the scope of my responsibilities. Mr. Webb, you are thinking too highly of me.”

Donald replied sincerely, “Mr. Cameron, you are simply too humble.”

When Isaac saw Donald’s sincere attitude, he said, “Since you are so sincere and thoughtful, Mr. Webb, then I will not be polite anymore. I have a few bottles of collectors’ Louis XIII here. I will give you a few bottles to taste later.”

Donald was very flattered and he hurriedly said, “Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Cameron! I really appreciate it!”

Isaac smiled slightly before he said, “Mr. Webb, I believe that the reason why you are here to visit me today isn’t just because you wanted to send some tea leaves to me, right?”

Donald nodded before he said, “That’s right. In fact, me, my eldest son, my assistant, and a few of my bodyguards will be staying in Aurous Hill for a period of time. Therefore, I would like to book some rooms at Shangri-La for us during this period of time. I will have to trouble you then.”

Isaac laughed before he said, “Oh, you are more than welcomed here! Mr. Webb, since you’re here, you’re naturally one of our most distinguished guests. I will arrange for a presidential suite for you and your son immediately. You can stay here as long as you like.”

Donald was very grateful and he hurriedly replied, “Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Cameron!”

Isaac smiled before he said, “Mr. Webb, you do not need to be so polite with me.”

After a short while, Isaac suddenly asked out of curiosity, “By the way, Mr. Webb, where is your son? Why didn’t he come here with you?”

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